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Strategic partnerships with Encompass

Encompass has established numerous strategic alliances and partnerships which help to power our market-leading KYC automation platform.

  • As a trusted technology vendor, Encompass will enable and inspire you to focus on being competitive through developing more relevant and effective new service and product offerings.
  • As a KYC partner, we strive to create exciting opportunities and deliver trusted solutions in a complex regulatory ecosystem, by navigating competitive marketplaces and identifying new channels.
Encompass Partners | Strategic Alliances & Partnerships for KYC

Our partners and strategic alliances


Our partnerships: who we work with

Encompass partnerships range from leading tech and managed service providers to global data partners and consultants.

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Technology service providers

We partner with leading technology providers, including CLMs and CRMs, to power platforms with the critical data and automation your customers demand.

By combining our automated data and document discovery, and trusted risk screening with your workflows, Encompass allows you to accelerate product development and own the user journey. Client outreach is reduced and the need for users to swivel between multiple environments when performing KYC due diligence is eliminated.

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KYC data providers

Encompass offers data providers a wealth of opportunity to maximize the value of their information.

Once integrated with the Encompass API your data is available seamlessly and on-demand within your preferred technology, whether they be your client platforms, our Encompass web solution, or our white label solution.

Our data partners

Consulting partners

Encompass automates manual data discovery and KYC due diligence processes for some of the world’s largest banks, law firms and corporations.

We can work with you to identify processes ripe for automation and our flexible delivery options ensure a swift implementation for your clients.

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