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Empowering equality: Fostering inclusion for women in the workplace

By Clare Puplett | Thu 29 February, 2024

As we approach International Women’s Day, the spotlight is once again on the critical importance of parity in the workplace. The journey towards achieving gender equality has made significant strides. But continued effort is required to ensure that every woman has equal opportunities for success and fulfillment professionally.

This blog explores the significance of workplace inclusion for women. Emphasizing the need for continued efforts to create environments that empower and celebrate diversity. We also hear views on inclusion from within Encompass and how the RegTech industry can do more to promote an equal voice.

International Women’s Day: Breaking down barriers

In the quest for workplace parity, it is crucial to acknowledge the various barriers that women face daily. From gender bias to unequal pay and limited opportunities for career advancement, these challenges persist despite increased awareness. Organizations must actively work towards dismantling these barriers by implementing policies that promote fairness, equal pay, and unbiased decision-making. The cultivation of an inclusive workplace culture plays a pivotal role in fostering an environment where every woman feels valued and heard.

Encompass demonstrates that it values inclusion on a regular basis. The business ensures that a diverse range of voices can be recognized in a variety of ways and forums.

Danielle O’Donnell, Global Account Director, Encompass

The power of inclusive leadership

Inclusive leadership is a driving force in dismantling barriers and fostering workplace parity. Leaders who champion diversity and inclusion set the tone for an organization’s culture. By actively involving women in decision-making processes, providing mentorship opportunities, and ensuring all have a voice, leaders contribute to a more equitable workplace. Inclusive leadership not only benefits individual women but also enhances overall organizational performance by harnessing the full spectrum of talent.

Action is taken by the senior executive throughout the business to provide a more inclusive and equitable future. There are flexible work policies, volunteer run interest groups and a diverse leadership that bring together a diverse workforce for equal opportunities.

Alex Ford, President, North America, Encompass

Embracing diversity for innovation

Beyond merely achieving gender parity, diverse and inclusive workplaces drive innovation. The intersectionality of experiences, perspectives, and ideas that come from a diverse team can spark creativity and problem-solving. Companies that embrace diversity in all its forms, including gender diversity, are better equipped to navigate a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Encompass creates an environment where everyone can bring their true self to work. Within the wider RegTech industry we should invest in our female founders and shine a light on their successes. Individuals that lead by example can articulate the opportunities that are available within the sector.

Richard Beattie, Alliance Director, Encompass

Encouraging mentorship and support networks

Mentorship and support networks are integral components of fostering workplace inclusion for women. Establishing mentorship programs that connect experienced professionals with those aspiring to advance in their careers can provide valuable guidance and insights. Additionally, support networks within organizations offer a platform for women to share experiences. They can discuss challenges and celebrate achievements. These networks contribute to a sense of community and empowerment.

In 2024 we will be releasing a new mentoring programme for all staff, specifically requested by our Women in Tech group in 2023. The programme will be accompanied by personalized sessions on strengthening presence, including awareness of gender dynamics that can affect the development of leadership presence.

Jo Kori, Head of People, Encompass

Looking ahead

As we celebrate International Women’s Day in 2024, it is essential to recognize the progress made in promoting workplace parity while acknowledging the work that remains. Organizations play a pivotal role in driving this change by fostering an inclusive culture, supporting diverse leadership, and actively addressing gender-specific challenges. By embracing diversity, championing equality, and providing opportunities for growth, we collectively contribute to creating workplaces where every woman can thrive. It is a shared responsibility—one that, when fulfilled, paves the way for a more equitable and empowered future. As we celebrate International Women’s Day in 2024, organizations should be encouraged to reflect on the richness that diversity brings to the workplace.


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