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Streamline client onboarding through intelligent process automation

Today’s manual Know Your Customer (KYC) processes are crippling organizations, leaving them exposed to risk, spiralling costs and the potential loss of business. We transform KYC onboarding with industry-leading technology.

Encompass fully automates the repetitive activity of collecting, analyzing and integrating data and documents from multiple sources to provide KYC on demand.

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We transform KYC onboarding with industry-leading technology

Using intelligent process automation, Encompass dynamically builds accurate and complete KYC files from global public and premium sources in line with an organization’s policies.

The benefits of KYC on demand for your client onboarding

Ease the cost and burden of KYC

Around 80% of KYC processes are manual, costing regulated firms £8 billion per year. In Proof of Value exercises with global institutions, Encompass has consistently been shown to reduce the time spent on KYC discovery by up to 98%.

Improve the customer experience and time to revenue

Manual KYC processes are disjointed and often result in unnecessary client outreach. Sophisticated KYC automation from Encompass makes the process of gathering information faster and more effective, significantly reducing client onboarding times and minimizing the need for client outreach.

Enhance existing systems and processes

One simple integration of the Encompass API into existing customer lifecycle management or onboarding systems allows organizations to enjoy the benefits of KYC on demand quickly and easily.

Why choose Encompass for KYC onboarding?


Configurable to existing KYC policies and procedures

Encompass’ intelligent process automation is configured to an organization’s existing KYC onboarding policies and procedures, and trusted sources.


Automatically screen for regulatory risk

Encompass automatically screens all relevant entities and individuals against your chosen sources to identify sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and adverse media risk.


Ongoing monitoring

Encompass can continuously monitor selected customers for material changes to PEP, sanctions and adverse media status that may trigger the need for KYC remediation.


Dynamic creation of a full audit trail

Encompass dynamically builds a complete audit trail for every search and action taken on a profile for demonstrable compliance for KYC onboarding.