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Encompass launches global KYC digital transformation practice

Encompass Corporation, the provider of the leading Know Your Customer (KYC) automation platform, today announced the formation of a dedicated KYC transformation team – with the hiring of banking executives in New York, London, and Sydney  – to help banks successfully implement digital transformation projects related to corporate onboarding, KYC refresh, and customer due diligence.  

The executives include US-based Catherine Warren, who has extensive experience in compliance and risk management for top banks. Catherine, who has held senior roles at Bank of America and PNC, will work as part of the global transformation team making a difference to customers. This group also includes former Barclays Managing Director Howard Wimpory, former Westpac and HSBC financial markets executive Jo Scanlan, and former Deutsche Bank Head of Client Onboarding Darren Marion. 

Howard, Jo, Darren and Catherine join Encompass as KYC Transformation Directors, responsible for ensuring banks achieve their goals of efficient compliance, reduced onboarding costs, enhanced customer experience, and improved scalability.   

“As financial institutions search for new ways to streamline back-office KYC processing while simultaneously enhancing client experience levels, effective digital transformation should be a key priority for new technology investment,” said Catherine Warren, KYC Transformation Director at Encompass. “Financial institutions have been drivers of innovation for the benefit of customers, but they have not taken full advantage of technology in order to achieve the scale and efficiency seen in other industries. Banks can no longer afford to delay automating internal operational processes – they need every advantage to stay competitive, and Encompass is dedicated to helping them implement these necessary changes.”    

“Encompass’ new hires reflect the demands we are seeing around digital transformation projects,” said Alex Ford, President, North America at Encompass. “By bringing this expertise to engagements, Encompass is well positioned to assist banks to more effectively streamline onboarding and KYC processes in a way that will have long lasting benefits to the organization and customer experience. 

“We are thrilled to bring someone with Catherine’s level of industry experience and skill set into what will be a crucial role locally. It represents another important milestone for our business in North America, as we continue to build our team of experts in order to meet increasing demand and accelerate our growth journey.” 

Encompass’ automated corporate KYC platform can uncover 4x as many entities, 98% faster than manual processing, and has been a part of the digital transformation initiatives within large, global financial institutions.  

In an effort to further highlight the importance of KYC in digital transformation projects, Encompass recently released a white paper on the topic, Embracing KYC Transformation, that details how banks can harness the power of automation. 

Today’s news follows twelve months of significant growth in revenue and new accounts for Encompass globally, as well as the addition of several specialist industry figures to the business across the UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the US. 

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Encompass enables fast, accurate identity validation and verification of corporate customers, and a gold standard approach to KYC. Our award-winning corporate digital identity (CDI) platform incorporates real-time data and documents from authoritative global public data sources and private customer information to create and maintain digital risk profiles.

With Encompass, the world’s leading banks improve customer experience and increase business opportunities through consistent regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

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