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Episode #13

In our last episode of the year, we explore the topic of Client Lifecycle Management – or CLM – and the role of RegTech in powering initiatives.

We hear from Alex Dixon (Global Head of Client Lifecycle Management and KYC, Pega) and Jo Scanlan, who has worked at leading banks including ANZ, as they share their insights into the CLM process from a bank’s perspective, how they can get it right, and the value of RegTech.

And, as we begin to look to 2021, we ask Wayne Johnson (CEO and co-founder, Encompass) to reflect on the last 12 months and look to what lies ahead.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Alex Dixon
Global Head of Client Lifecycle Management and KYC

Wayne Johnson
CEO and co-founder

Jo Scanlan
Industry expert

Episode #12

This episode brings you what you need to know about Open Banking, as we look at its rise and relationship with RegTech.

To do that, we speak with Gavin Littlejohn (Chairman, Financial Data and Technology Association) and Jamie Leach (Founder, Open Data Australia), who will be giving us the view from Down Under.


who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Gavin Littlejohn
Financial Data and Technology Association

Jamie Leach
Open Data Australia

Episode #11

We shed light on what it means to be ‘regulator ready’ and the role of RegTechs in assisting businesses to meet their compliance obligations.

Joining us to discuss what you need to know are our guests, financial crime expert Samantha Sheen and Daniel Gozman (Director of Engaged Research, The University of Sydney)


who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Samantha J Sheen
Financial crime and compliance expert

Dr Daniel Gozman
Director of Engaged Research
The University of Sydney

Episode #10

In celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, which recognises the achievements of women in STEM careers, we bring you a special panel episode of the RegTech 20:20 podcast, focusing on women in the industry.

Joined by Victoria Martin (Head of Risk, 11:FS), Marisol Lopez Mellado (Head of KYC Services, IHS Markit) and Lucy Heavens  (co-founder, RegTech Women), we discuss female representation, how to encourage the next generation, and more.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Victoria Martin
Head of Risk

Lucy Heavens
RegTech Women

Marisol Lopez Mellado
Global Head, KYC Services
IHS Markit

Episode #9

The spotlight is firmly on the USA, as we take a deep dive into the financial crime landscape and what it is that makes it unique.

Joining host Alex Ford to discuss key developments, as well as where RegTech fits into the equation, are two people who know the industry inside out, Pawneet Abramowski (Chief Compliance Officer, CFSB) and Encompass’ Dr Henry Balani.


who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Dr Henry Balani
Head of Delivery, Customer Success and Support

Pawneet Abramowski
Chief Compliance Officer

Episode #8

What do the terms efficiency, transparency and respect mean in RegTech? That’s what we discuss in this episode, as our host, Alex Ford, asks some industry figures who know best.

First up, we hear from Kent Mackenzie and Sean Moore, who are on opposite sides of the globe but work together within the risk advisory practice of professional services network Deloitte. They will be breaking down just what these words mean in financial services, while, later in the episode, we delve into the issue from the perspective of the RegTech, as Anastasia Dokuchaeva (Head of Partnerships, ClauseMatch) gives her take.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode



Kent Mackenzie
Partner, Risk Advisory

Anastasia Dokuchaeva
Head of Partnerships

Sean Moore
Partner, Risk Advisory

Episode #7

In this month’s episode, we delve into RegTech from the view of the regulator, as our host, Alex Ford, speaks with Francesca Hopwood Road (Head of RegTech and Advanced Analytics at the Financial Conduct Authority).

Francesca tells us about the FCA’s work with RegTechs, the growing link between RegTech and supervisory technology (SupTech), and more, as she shares her industry insight.

For further reading on the subjects covered in this episode, check out these resources on ‘lessons learnt’ from FCA TechSprints (PDF) and COVID-19 and RegTech.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Francesca Hopwood Road
Head of RegTech and Advanced Analytics
Financial Conduct Authority

Episode #6

We look at the place of technology in fighting financial crime, as we consider how ready firms are for innovation and reflect on current practices.

Host Alex Ford is joined by Teodora Christova (EMEA Partner Manager, Refinitiv) to focus on their recent research report on the subject, and we also hear from Charles Delingpole (founder and CEO, ComplyAdvantage), who gives us his perspective from the centre of the industry.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Teodora Christova
EMEA Partner Manager

Charles Delingpole
CEO and Founder

Episode #5

We discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our industry, and how RegTech can help organisations adapt and respond.

Joining host Alex Ford are Gus Tomlinson (General Manager, Identity Fraud, GBG), and Alan Samuels (Head of Product, Encompass) who offer their take on what’s happening now, as well as what the future may look like.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Gus Tomlinson
General Manager, Identity Fraud

Alan Samuels
Head of Product

Episode #4

We’re joined by guests Deborah Young (CEO, The RegTech Association), and Stephen Allen, member of the Encompass advisory board and former Executive Director at Macquarie.

Australian financial institutions’ management of their regulatory responsibilities continues to come under the spotlight. This increased scrutiny should lead to much-needed modernisation of business operations in relation to financial crime compliance. We speak to our guests about the state of play within RegTech in Australia, and where companies should be focusing their efforts.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Deborah Young
The RegTech Association

Stephen Allen
Advisory Board

Episode #3

In this episode, we’re joined by guests Matthew Neill (Managing Director, OpTechs), and digital transformation and fintech influencer, Chris Skinner.

As the role development of FinTech and RegTech continues to accelerate, it is important to know how this will change businesses both now and in the future. We discuss how banks and practitioners are adapting to face organisational challenges.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Chris Skinner
Author and digital transformation influencer

Matthew Neill
Managing Director

Episode #2

In this episode, we’re joined by guests Alex Tame (Global Director, Partners and Content Integration at Dow Jones Risk & Compliance) and Janine Hirt (COO at Innovate Finance).

As regulations ramp up, RegTech is being brought more to the fore. But has the industry really ‘earned its seat at the table’? Our guests’ give us their take on its reputation, growth and why key financial services players are now taking notice.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Alex Tame
Global Director, Partners & Content Integration
Dow Jones Risk & Compliance

Janine Hirt
Chief Operating Officer
Innovate Finance

Episode #1

In this episode, we focus on predictions for the year ahead with a look at 2020’s key drivers for FinTech and its relationship with RegTech, in an interview with guests Stephen Ingledew (CEO, FinTech Scotland) and Lou Smith (FinTech envoy for Scotland).

AML and financial crime expert Dr. Henry Balani also gives us insight into what’s ahead in the AML space, as he shares some insight from recent research he conducted into AML fines.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Dr. Henry Balani
Head of Delivery Services Group

Lou Smith
Chief Digital Officer, Lloyd’s of London
and HMT Fintech Envoy for Scotland

Stephen Ingledew
Chief Executive Officer
Fintech Scotland

Episode #0

Host Alex Ford (VP Product & Marketing, Encompass) is joined by legal compliance expert Amy Bell to discuss all things regtech and AML in the legal space.

We also cover global RegTech headlines, and Mike Kearney (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Encompass) provides an explainer on APIs and their importance in the RegTech space.

who’s on this episode

who’s on this episode

Amy Bell
Director and Legal compliance expert
Teal Compliance

Mike Kearney
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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As Vice President of Product & Marketing, Alex oversees both teams from our APAC headquarters in Sydney. Previously, Alex was Marketing and Innovation Manager for the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership in Sydney and Hong Kong, and prior to that marketed software company The Distillery. She holds degrees in Japanese and Marketing, as well as Digital Marketing qualifications from ADMA and Product Marketing from UC Berkeley.

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