At Encompass, we’ve become familiar with what it means to be disruptive. Our software changes the way people, buy, sell and manage commercial information. Our visual information management platform, Encompass, is disrupting the commercial information market.

We shift the way people think about information; instead of seeing data as a cost – with Encompass, they see information as an asset. Our software makes it incredibly easy to search, review and manage commercial information, in a way that allows business to leverage the greatest possible value from the data they buy.

It was with our ‘Disruptive’ hat on, that I first came across the Sydney University Business School’s Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG). The group has members from Academia and industry and we meet monthly over a common interest in investigating and exploring the particular nature and characteristics of disruptive change and its implications for business practice.

The DDRG is also the convenor of the DISRUPT.SYDNEY event, which is a one day event that brings together professionals from across all industries and sectors who share an interest in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and change.

I thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural DISRUPT.SYDNEY in 2013 and this year’s event is shaping up to be even better. It takes the theme “Living Disruption” DISRUPT.SYDNEY.14 and offers two keynotes, a number of TED-style short talks, a panel discussion and hands-on workshops on various topics from innovation to social network analysis.

For those who are either disrupting, being disrupted, interested in change in business or all of the above I encourage you to join us for this day of learning and networking.

Some of the highlights for this year include:


• Maria Ogneva, eminent expert in community building for employee and customer engagement

• Tom Hajdu, CEO of Disrupter, on disruptive innovations in the entertainment industry

• 13 year old Mya Dellow will present her perspective on the educational value of the online gaming platform Minecraft.

• Is the Age of the Machines looming? Academy Award winner Mark Sagar will provide a hands-on experience with BabyX, a photo-realistic, intelligent infant avatar.

You can see the full program and register here. Or have a look at some of the impressions from last year’s event.


Hope to see you there on Friday 26th September – be sure to come and say hi.



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