Why your organisation needs KYC automation

Powered by intelligent process automation, Encompass offers smart retrieval and integration of data and documents for anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) requirements.


Intelligent process automation for KYC from Encompass has proven to be up to 98% faster than manual processes.

What does our configurable KYC automation do?

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Searches multiple sources concurrently, including global registers and premium data sources, to collect live data and source documents.

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Dynamically performs entity resolution and analysis ensuring the fast and accurate retrieval and integration of critical KYC data.

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Configures to an organisation’s policies and procedures for an effective risk-based approach.

Key benefits of using intelligent process automation for AML & KYC operations:

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Build out corporate ownership structures more quickly and accurately than ever before

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Ensure subsequent KYC activities are based on complete and accurate information

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Reduce regulatory and reputational risks

See how our KYC automation works

Watch our short video and see how Encompass eases the burden of KYC operations, reducing task times from hours down to minutes and enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your processes.

Transform your KYC approach with intelligent process automation

Encompass utilises intelligent process automation to deliver KYC automation capabilities that will transform your approach to KYC. Here are just some of the capabilities that could create real impact for your organisation.

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Bespoke automation aligned to your existing KYC policies & procedures

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Flexibility to remediate KYC files based on your global policies

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Automated PEP & sanctions screening

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Ongoing monitoring of corporate customer profiles

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Dynamic audit trail creation for demonstrable compliance

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Intuitive dashboard for a quick and easy view of your KYC activity

KYC Data Sources | UBO Verification - Visualisation & Control | Global Primary & Premium Data | Encompass

Beneficial ownership and control, calculated and visualised

Using intelligent process automation and extensive data integrations, Encompass automates the KYC discovery process to provide businesses with a comprehensive view of corporate customers in a fraction of the time.

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