Global primary and premium data sources

In a global marketplace, access to trusted data sets with global reach is critical for robust regulatory compliance and risk management. Encompass provides access to global primary and premium data, integrated into a single platform.

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Automate and enhance the KYC discovery process

Encompass collects data from multiple trusted KYC data sources to analyse and unwrap complex corporate ownership structures.

With extensive connections to global primary and premium data sources, Encompass is easily configured to existing KYC policies and trusted data sources. These integrations make it quick and easy for organisations to automate KYC discovery.

The breadth of information available via the Encompass platform generates more complete and accurate results and facilitates faster, more informed decision-making.

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Encompass’ KYC data sources and global coverage

The Encompass platform pulls KYC data from a vast pool of trusted data sources, across over 200 jurisdictions, gathering information from:

  • Corporate registries
  • Ultimate beneficial ownership registries
  • Regulators
  • Stock exchange listings
  • Company data
  • PEPs, sanctions and adverse media
  • eIDV
  • Company identifiers
150+ Data products

covering 200+ jurisdictions

Why choose Encompass for KYC discovery?

Encompass has an unrivalled level of data for KYC activities, providing these key benefits:

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Extensive existing integrations with a wide range of KYC data sources globally.

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Integrations are maintained by Encompass, significantly reducing the need for in-house resources.

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Vast global coverage that supports global footprints.

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