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Meet today’s stringent KYC obligations with automated data aggregation

Aggregating data from multiple sources to present facts to decision-makers is a core competency of enterprise IT departments. Enterprises typically spend millions of pounds a year on technologies to integrate data sources for projects run by IT professionals. Encompass is a data-as-a-service (DaaS) platform and automated KYC solution which provides seamless data aggregation to save you time and money on KYC processes.

To meet the latest KYC requirements you need multiple, disparate data sets to be aggregated, which is not easy because KYC data is managed externally: in company registries; by industry regulators; on databases managed by suppliers of premium information. This often leaves KYC analysts to manually collect, analyze and reconcile data from various sources, and then rekey the results into CLMs and CRMs.

Stop straining resources and wasting analysts’ skills.

With Encompass, our automated KYC solution does the heavy lifting and frees KYC teams and customer-facing business units to service customers better and significantly improve onboarding speed.

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KYC data-as-a-service (DaaS)

Building and maintaining aggregation capabilities for a large number of data sources is beyond the resources of most organizations. Encompass API provides KYC DaaS, allowing regulated firms to streamline KYC processes by integrating critical data sources directly into onboarding platforms.

Our automated KYC solution has access to a wealth of trusted global data sources, across over 200 jurisdictions. Encompass radically simplifies an otherwise complex problem for corporate businesses.

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KYC data aggregation from a single API

Encompass provides KYC data aggregation from a single API, empowering CLMs and CRMs with critical information. Leverage our existing integrations to the widest range of global public and premium data sources for KYC purposes.

Key benefits of Encompass’ automated KYC solution:

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Meeting both regulatory and business objectives

Our automated KYC solution helps you meet regulatory requirements for corporate customer onboarding whilst enhancing your data capabilities for business objectives. With competitive pressures from new, digital-first market entrants, established companies must minimize customer onboarding times. Encompass significantly speeds up the process to help you secure revenues quickly.

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Enriching the customer record

The main goal of integrating and aggregating data from multiple systems and data sources is to create a 360° view of your customers. By aggregating facts established from trusted, external KYC data sources with internal views of the customer, you can enrich your customer records to equip teams with insights to drive better customer service and experiences.

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Acquiring new revenue streams

Your Front Office is charged with generating new revenue streams from existing and newly-acquired customers. The digital KYC profile created by Encompass’ automated KYC solution creates real commercial value when shared with Sales and Service staff. And a detailed knowledge of subsidiaries and other companies related to newly onboarded customers gives the Front Office the inside track to uncover new revenue opportunities.

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