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Demonstrate consistent compliance and data provenance

Encompass retrieves and integrates data and documents from multiple sources into digital risk profiles. As data is gathered, Encompass records and retains the origin of every piece of information, ensuring any decisions can be easily explained and confidently defended.

Encompass maintains clear data attribute lineage

  • Identification and inspection of the original source of key attributes in a CDI profile.
  • Configuration of the Encompass CDI platform to retrieve attributes in line with KYC policies, and using preferred and approved sources.

This enables your organization to:

  • Quickly and easily trace the origin of a piece of information to demonstrate the quality of decisions.
  • Ensure the ability to cite the original source of each piece of evidence to auditors and regulators.
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Corporate digital identity

Watch our video on how the Encompass CDI platform helps banks across the world automate manual KYC processes to build complete real-time CDI profiles and get the full picture of their customers, fast.

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