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Encompass offers extensive automation capabilities and unrivalled access to global data sources. Our know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) platform empowers organizations to streamline time-consuming KYC processes and clearly demonstrate AML compliance.

From UBO verification and KYC remediation to Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), sanctions and adverse media screening, explore our market-leading KYC products and their features and use cases below or get in touch to find out how we can help your business.

Key features of our KYC and AML platform

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Intelligent process automation

Powered by intelligent process automation, the Encompass platform offers smart retrieval and integration of data and documents for AML and KYC requirements.

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Global primary & premium data

Encompass collects data from multiple trusted KYC data sources to analyze and unwrap complex corporate ownership structures. With extensive connections to global primary and premium data sources, our KYC and AML platform is easily configured to existing KYC policies and data sources.

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UBO visualization and control

We automate the KYC discovery process to provide the full picture of a corporate customer within minutes, streamlining UBO verification to unwrap corporate customers’ organizational structure and provide comprehensive visualization.

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PEP, sanction and adverse media screening

Our software automatically screens and monitors any relevant individuals and entities identified in a corporate ownership structure. Screening is conducted against global PEP, sanctions and adverse media providers, based on an organization’s policy and risk-based approach.

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Digital KYC profile record

Encompass automatically creates a complete digital KYC profile and audit trail for corporate ownership structures. Executed consistently in line with an organization’s KYC policy, achieve consistent, demonstrable KYC across your entire customer base.

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Data attribute lineage

Encompass retrieves and integrates data and documents from multiple sources into digital KYC profiles. As data is gathered, Encompass records and retains the origin of every piece of information, ensuring any decisions can be easily explained and confidently defended.

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Encompass API

Integrate the Encompass API into your Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and get all of the benefits of our KYC and AML platform and its automation capabilities to enhance your existing onboarding processes.

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Key use cases of Encompass’ KYC products

Here’s an overview of our KYC products’ use cases. See how our all-in-one KYC and AML platform unwraps organizational structures, reveals potential risks and helps you operate a compliant customer onboarding process.

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Perpetual KYC

Streamline onboarding and maintain compliance by automating corporate due diligence for the entire client lifecycle.

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Know your customer

Transform your KYC onboarding process. The Encompass platform automates repetitive data-gathering tasks to save you time and money while eliminating human error.

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Corporate customer due diligence

Conducting efficient customer due diligence can be the difference between winning or losing key accounts. Encompass brings transparency to complex corporate structures.

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Enhanced due diligence

Enhanced due diligence provides a greater level of scrutiny that goes beyond CDD. Encompass’ data enables the highest quality due diligence, backed by automation.

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Anti-money laundering

Encompass’ KYC and AML platform provides a comprehensive single customer view, to assess risk, apply risk ratings and ensure AML compliance, with a real-time audit trail.

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KYC refresh and remediation

Put an end to manual KYC remediation. Our KYC products help businesses to streamline information gathering, reduce costs and keep customers and regulators satisfied.

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Correspondent banking CDD

Encompass’ KYC automation is trusted by leading global banks to standardize and enhance the quality and efficiency of their corporate banking due diligence processes.

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Automating KYC data aggregation

Our data-as-a-service (DaaS) platform and automated KYC solutions provide seamless data aggregation to save you time and money on time-consuming KYC processes.

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Dynamic audit trail

Our KYC products use automation to perform key steps in the KYC process, dynamically compiling a full, time-stamped audit trail for demonstrable AML compliance.

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Discover the benefits of Encompass

Want to dive deeper into the key benefits of using Encompass’ KYC and AML platform? Our AML compliance software shoulders the heavy lifting involved in corporate KYC and automates time-consuming manual processes, meaning faster onboarding, reduced regulatory and reputational risks, and improved compliance, plus much more!

Learn why our KYC products are trusted by leading global banks and financial institutions, including Wolfsberg Group members, and see the impact our solutions create for organizations and KYC teams.

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