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Encompass celebrates International Women’s Day by spotlighting female leaders

Encompass Corporation, the global provider of real-time digital Know Your Customer (KYC) profiles, is celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) by spotlighting senior women within the technology space, marking this year’s ‘Inspire Inclusion’ theme. 

‘Inspire Inclusion’ – the mantra for IWD 2024 – within an organisation like Encompass means ensuring the needs, contributions, and aspirations of women in the workforce are met, valued and encouraged, in order to build a positive working environment for them and all employees. 

For many, the feeling of true inclusion is centred around being empowered to find a healthy work-life balance. To make a difference in this regard, Encompass recently launched a work from anywhere policy, showing its commitment to helping employees meet professional and developmental goals while fulfilling personal commitments, crossing childcare, for example. This policy allows staff to work freely away from their assigned office location for a number of days throughout the year. 

IWD acts as a reminder of the importance of continued conversations and tangible action that prioritises equality in the workplace. Particularly in FinTech and the wider technology space, where there is work to be done when it comes to improving female representation, role models are key to encouraging women to enter – and stay in – the industries.  

One such role model at Encompass is Carolanne Lang, who was appointed as Head of Engineering Operations last year. She leads functional delivery, management and support within her department, and brings much to learn from, with more than two decades of experience in senior roles across technology.  

Alex Ford, President, North America at Encompass, who has been instrumental in the success of the business since its inception in 2011, is a passionate advocate for women in the field. As well as co-founding the networking group Women in RegTech New York, she has this week been acknowledged within the Senior Leaders category of Innovate Finance’s hotly contested Women in FinTech Powerlist 2023, an achievement that underlines the impact of her determination to lead the way for the next generation. 

Meanwhile, Joanna Kori, Encompass’ Head of People, and Software Development Manager Sai Bendi have also been active contributors when it comes to championing women’s role in the industry, with both being selected as finalists at the Women in Tech Excellence Awards in 2023. 

Alex Ford, President, North America, Encompass Corporation, comments: “Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of harnessing the unique perspectives, skills and qualities of women for the better. However, the drive for equality is not just a conversation for women. Male colleagues also have a part to play and must commit to not letting any differentiator – gender or otherwise – limit the potential of or opportunities given to those around them with talent and hunger.  

“Consistently working to maximize opportunities for all, Encompass encourages a genuinely inclusive working environment by, for example, developing and implementing family-friendly policies that allow women – and men – to balance family commitments with reaching for their career aspirations. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I urge everyone, regardless of gender, to take their seat at the table and play a part in improving inclusion for all within the technology industry.” 

Sai Bendi, Software Development Manager, Encompass Corporation, comments: “International Women’s Day is the perfect time to reflect on my own career journey and ways to inspire the next generation of female technology specialists to step into the fold. 

“The potential of innovation and the industry’s adaptability to modern lifestyles is what drew me in, and Encompass has been instrumental in elevating my career. When it comes to others, my advice would be to believe in yourself, seek mentors, invest in learning and, importantly, speak up for yourself.  

“Be resilient and remember that your journey is unique. While there has been progress when we look at recognising the importance of diversity throughout the technology workforce, there is still work to be done. We must hold ourselves accountable and take collaborative action to foster the most welcoming and supportive environment, so we benefit from the talent of the innovation leaders of tomorrow.” 

Joanna Kori, Head of People, Encompass Corporation, adds: “Women have so much to offer. It is up to organisations to be progressive, open-minded and committed to helping them, and all employees, to see a place for themselves and unlock their full potential.  

“At Encompass, we are fortunate to benefit from the significant experience and expertise of the female members of our Board, and this influence and representation at the highest level is invaluable in providing diversity of thought, perspective, and when it comes to showing others what is possible. We must all work together to inspire the next generation – it is only by seeing successful women go for their goals and break the ‘glass ceiling’ that they will be spurred on to do the same.” 

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