Embracing KYC transformation
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Revolutionizing customer experience
By Alex Ford | March 9th 2022 Learn how firms are transforming customer experience and KYC with automation.
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Mastering the KYC screening process
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | March 3rd 2022 Reveal the full picture and reduce risk with robust screening for KYC and AML.
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Demystifying beneficial ownership
By Dr Henry Balani | March 2nd 2022 Explore current regulatory landscape, and best practice for banks and financial institutions.
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The complexity of imposing sanctions on Russia, and how to overcome these challenges
By Dr Henry Balani | March 2nd 2022 In light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Dr Balani explores the complexity of imposing sanctions
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Revolutionizing the customer experience
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | February 18th 2022 How are global banks meeting customer expectations for smoother, streamlined onboarding processes?
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Guide to AML software for banks
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | January 31st 2022 Discover the compliance and operational benefits of implementing RegTech software.
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Do regulations make a difference to the customer experience?
By Dr Henry Balani | January 27th 2022 Dr Henry Balani examines what customer experience means in the context of AML/CTF regulations.
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Encompass appoints banking industry veteran Doris Honold to its board
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | January 25th 2022 We are delighted to announce the appointment of finance industry veteran to our Advisory Board.
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Can automation increase the effectiveness of KYC?
By Dr Henry Balani | January 24th 2022 Automation improves the customer experience, but does it also improve KYC controls?
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Wiring customer experience to a world of data
By Mike Kearney | January 19th 2022 How do banks achieve customer service excellence and meet regulatory compliance requirements?
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Capitalizing on downstream data from digital KYC
By Mike Kearney | January 19th 2022 Banks applying technology to better serve their customers are outperforming those who do not.
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Managing the customer experience is a high priority for banks and financial services firms
By Mike Kearney | January 19th 2022 How providing consistent, excellent customer service generates returns to the bottom line.
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How Encompass’ RegTech platform enhances KYC speed, consistency and quality control
By Rachael Coyle | January 18th 2022 When it comes to KYC and AML compliance, details matter. Encompass helps get those details right.
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FCA fines UK finance firms £568m in 2021, in response to surge in pandemic-charged financial crime
By Rachael Coyle | January 17th 2022 FCA fines UK finance firms £568m in 202
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The benefits of digital KYC
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | January 11th 2022 Learn why it is time to overhaul manual processes, and the benefits of KYC automation.
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Digital transformation for Know Your Customer at Santander
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | January 5th 2022 Santander engaged Encompass to provide a more efficient way of onboarding clients.
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How to build automation into your KYC due diligence process with Encompass
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | January 5th 2022 We explore how to take a strategic approach to KYC automation to maximize ROI and long term benefits
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AML compliance change management tips for banks
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | December 28th 2021 We examine how banks can use technology to proactively manage regulatory change.
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Why the UK must reassess its anti-money laundering measures before it is too late
By Dr Henry Balani | December 22nd 2021 Dr Balani warns the UK must act in response to numerous high profile reports of financial crime.
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Supporting successful KYC automation initiatives with Transformation Directors
By Nicola Pickering | December 17th 2021 Our Transformation Directors help ensure successful implementation of KYC automation projects.