KYC and the imperative for digital transformation
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FCA highlights financial crime concerns to challenger banks
By Cheri Burns | July 19th 2022 A new report highlights rising number of Suspicious Activity Reports on challenger banks in 2021.
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Encompass launches global KYC digital transformation practice
By Cheri Burns | July 19th 2022 We're pleased to announce the launch of our global KYC Transformation team to assist our clients.
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In the spotlight: Jay Patel, Head of Product Management
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | July 18th 2022 Meet Jay, Head of Product Management at Encompass
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Securing support for pKYC
By Dr Henry Balani | July 6th 2022 Stakeholder engagement and wide cultural support is essential for transformation.
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Focus on the journey, not on the destination
By Dr Henry Balani | July 6th 2022 This whitepaper covers the key discussion points from the second session of the pKYC Advisory Board
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Encompass appoints expert industry sales leaders to drive growth
By Cheri Burns | June 14th 2022 We have appointed Bob DeLaney and Phillip Sertel to lead our rapidly growing global sales teams.
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KYC and seizing the benefits of change
By Howard Wimpory | May 17th 2022 KYC transformation is not just a regulatory need, but an opportunity to unlock value across the firm
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The impact of regulation on KYC transformation
By Dr Henry Balani | May 16th 2022 Dr Henry Balani identifies the influence regulations have on KYC transformation projects.
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Encompass appoints renowned KYC experts to help banks get the most out of digital transformation initiatives
By Cheri Burns | May 16th 2022 We have appointed several KYC experts to ensure effective digital transformation initiatives.
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Key ingredients of a successful KYC transformation
By Doris Honold | May 13th 2022 We interviewed Doris Honold on her experience managing KYC transformation projects in global banks.
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Embracing KYC transformation and automation
By Abigail Smith | May 12th 2022 Embracing KYC transformation and automation
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Building a business case for KYC process improvement and automation
By Howard Wimpory | May 12th 2022 Learn how to build a business case for KYC process improvement at your firm.
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Embracing KYC transformation
By Howard Wimpory | May 12th 2022 Explore the drive towards KYC transformation, the challenges firms face, and how to ensure success.
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Encompass named ‘RegTech Partner of the Year’ at British Bank Awards 2022
By Cheri Burns | May 9th 2022 We are delighted to be recognized as RegTech Partner of the Year by British Bank Awards.
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Are we finally taking beneficial ownership seriously?
By Dr Henry Balani | May 3rd 2022 Identifying beneficial owners has never been more in the spotlight.
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Uncovering the oligarchs
By Dr Henry Balani | April 29th 2022 In this expert panel discussion we discuss the impact of Russian sanctions on global banks.
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Encompass appoints seasoned leader Steve Hadaway as Chief Revenue Officer
By Cheri Burns | April 20th 2022 Encompass welcomes Steve Hadaway to head up their sales, marketing and strategic alliance teams.
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The role of automation and digital transformation in limiting impacts of wage inflation
By Roger Carson | April 6th 2022 With inflation rates rising globally, automation and digital transformation offers a solution.
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Perpetual KYC: The journey to a new operating model
By Mike Kearney | March 29th 2022 Examining the shift to pKYC in light of regulatory requirements and economic pressures.
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Adopting a pKYC culture
By Dr Henry Balani | March 29th 2022 To ensure the success of pKYC projects, establishing the right organizational culture is key.