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Dynamic KYC process automation

100% KYC search process automation
Zero human involvement
Real-time digital KYC profiles

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Transforming KYC with dynamic process automation

Deliver revenue faster, drive operational efficiency and demonstrate consistent compliance with real-time digital risk profiles. Our award-winning dynamic KYC process automation platform conducts in-depth, live KYC investigations of everyone you do business with, delivering a single view of the customer.  

Enrich your digital ecosystem with the most complete and up to date KYC profiles to identify and pursue growth opportunities. Create competitive advantage with a better customer onboarding experience. 

Join the growing list of global banks and financial institutions using our dynamic KYC process automation platform, including Wolfsberg Group members.

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601 minutes Average time to build a digital KYC profile
Encompass drives extraordinary time and cost savings and greater control over KYC

The need for KYC automation

Escalating KYC costs Reduced KYC costs

  • Time spent sourcing data and documents
  • Managing multiple data integrations
  • Analysts focused on data collation
  • A single connection to Encompass reduces time spent retrieving data and documents by up to 98%. Enabling customers to refocus analysts on more valuable tasks.
Our solution

Inadequate control of KYC Increased control of KYC processes

  • Enterprise wide scalability
  • Unable to demonstrate compliance
  • Time to implement change
  • Our intelligent process automation ensures a customer’s preferred process is followed, every time. It’s simple to scale and adapt to respond to regulatory change, fast. With a dynamic regulator ready audit trail included as standard.
Our solution

Incomplete and inaccurate KYC Complete and accurate KYC

  • Inconsistent application
  • Human errors
  • Incomplete picture of customer
  • Automating an existing KYC process with Encompass returns more source documents, UBOs and entities. Corporate structures are unwrapped in more detail, empowering KYC decisions and providing a more consistent approach to compliance.
Our solution

Poor customer experience Improved customer experience

  • Slow onboarding
  • Repeat document requests
  • Client outreach
  • With pre-built integrations, Encompass connects organizations to their choice of trusted KYC data sources to perform more accurate KYC due diligence. Encompass builds out the full picture of a customer fast, reducing client outreach and speeding up onboarding.
Our solution

Outdated KYC Continuous compliance

  • Evolving customer risk profiles
  • Managing false positives
  • Pace of regulatory change
  • Maintain risk exposure with perpetual KYC. Digital KYC profiles are continuously monitored and refreshed in line with an organization’s risk appetite, periodically or at alert notification. Encompass reduces the volume of full KYC reviews needed and enables analysts to focus on investigating risks identified,
Our solution

Supercharge KYC due diligence

Perform entity search and run pre-defined policy

Your KYC Analyst creates a profile for an entity in the Encompass platform or via their existing CLM/CRM system with our API integration. Our KYC software automatically runs live data searches and document collation against trusted data sources, aligned with your pre-defined compliance policies and processes.

Identify ultimate beneficial owner

Easily visualize and unwrap the corporate structure to discover the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO).

Screen for risk

Entities identified in the ownership structure are screened against global Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), sanctions and adverse media data.

Cross-check documents, match and merge data

Data is deduped and merged automatically, reducing the KYC Analyst’s workload. Documents are presented back to cross-check and conduct follow-on searches where extra investigation is required.

Automatic audit trail

Every action taken and the information origin in your KYC due diligence activity is recorded within Encompass, automatically building an audit trail to evidence AML compliance.

Digital KYC profile

A full digital KYC profile is produced, complete with source documents and audit trail, available for the Analyst to share or download as required.


175 KYC data products, covering 200+ jurisdictions

  • Corporate registries
  • Ultimate beneficial ownership registries
  • Regulators
  • Stock exchange listings
  • Company data
  • PEPs, sanctions and adverse media
  • eIDV
  • Company identifiers

Our KYC partnership ecosystem

Our strategic partnerships allow customers to benefit from automation without the need for changes to technology or processes.

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Our clients

Digital transformation for Know Your Customer at Santander
Accuity (now LexisNexis Risk Solutions) and Encompass partner to improve KYC risk assessments
Dun & Bradstreet partners with Encompass
Encompass and IHS Markit announce partnership

What can Encompass do for you?

By automating time-consuming and error-prone manual KYC due diligence processes, our dynamic KYC process automation platform delivers transformative impact for organizations and KYC teams.