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Supporting mental health through movement

By Kevin McGrory | Mon 13 May, 2024
Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

As Mental Health Awareness Week unfolds across the UK, Encompass continues to recognize the impact of mental health on individuals, families, and workplaces.

This year’s theme, “movement: moving for our mental health,” resonates deeply with our commitment to fostering a supportive environment where our colleagues can thrive both personally and professionally.

Why mental health through movement matters

Movement is not just about physical activity; it’s a powerful tool for enhancing mental wellbeing. Research consistently demonstrates that regular exercise can significantly alleviate stress, prevent burnout, and boost overall mood. According to Mental Health UK, a staggering 56% of people have found that exercising regularly helps them manage stress effectively. At Encompass, we understand the intricate link between physical activity and mental health, and we actively promote movement as part of our wellbeing initiatives.

Supporting mental health within Encompass

Encompass recognizes that a supportive workplace culture is essential for overall wellbeing. Through various initiatives, we empower our colleagues to consider movement as a means of enhancing their mental health. From flexible working arrangements that allow time for physical activity to volunteering programs designed to encourage exercise, we strive to create an environment where movement is not just encouraged but embraced.

Benefits for individuals and businesses

The benefits of movement extend far beyond the individual level, encompassing positive outcomes for businesses as well. By promoting regular physical activity among our colleagues, Encompass not only supports their mental wellbeing but also cultivates a more engaged and productive workforce. Improved sleep, heightened self-esteem, and enhanced connectedness are just some of the dividends of prioritizing movement in the workplace.

Global support for wellbeing

While Mental Health Awareness Week is a UK initiative, Encompass extends its commitment to employee wellbeing across the globe. Recognizing that mental health knows no boundaries, we offer comprehensive support and resources to our international team, tailored to the unique needs of each region. Offering access to mental health first aiders and counseling services, we stand united in promoting holistic wellbeing for all our employees.

As we deal with the complexities of the modern world, prioritizing mental health has never been more critical. Through the power of movement, Encompass reaffirms its dedication to supporting the wellbeing of our colleagues worldwide. By fostering a culture where movement is celebrated as a catalyst for mental health, we not only enhance individual resilience but also cultivate a more vibrant and engaged workplace community. This Mental Health Awareness Week and beyond, let us move together towards a healthier, happier future.

Author: Kevin McGrory

Kevin has been a dedicated member of the People team within Encompass since 2022. Bringing a wealth of experience to his role, Kevin transitioned into HR after over a decade in various managerial positions. This shift was motivated by his commitment to fostering organizational cultures that prioritize inclusivity, empowerment, and a people-centric ethos. With over seven years of experience in HR roles and a trained mental health first aider, Kevin is passionate about helping individuals achieve their full potential and reach their career aspirations.

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