This week at Encompass, we delivered a webinar titled, ‘How to turn legal information into digital gold’, which focused on providing lawyers in Australia with real and tangible solutions to manage the problem of information overload.  The webinar was timely with the #JDKMConf this week and the recent #LawTech conference in Noosa, both provoking a lot of discussion about the need for innovation in the way law firms work with information.

Steve Karro, Client Solutions Manager at Encompass, shared some pain points that the legal industry is currently facing not only when it comes to the magnitude of the information that lawyers need to understand and absorb, but also the speed at which it is delivered to them.

The webinar was inspired by the latest white paper released by Encompass titled, “Lean Legal” that contains extensive research behind the current changes and challenges of the legal industry.  Importantly the white paper explores how visualization and a lean data management approach can assist law firms to leverage a greater return from the information they consume as part of delivering their core services.

These findings are in line with the latest push from thought leaders in the industry who are urging lawyers to rethink the traditional way they practice law and embrace technology to build a competitive advantage. Visualisation software is one such innovation that is key to speeding up decision making processes, increasing collaboration and reducing the risk of human error in firms.  Steve demonstrated how Encompass converts commercial information into a picture showing clear links to cut through the clutter of linear information.  Encompass helps to identify and extract relevant content from pages and pages of PDF reports to help lawyers get the full picture, fast.

As tweeted by one of the conference attendees Karan White, “Data growth in enterprises is going to continue to grow – we need to enable businesses to organise and utilise the data”.  Technologies like Encompass will no doubt play a pivotal role achieving this.

If you’d like to stay on top of the latest in commercial information management, we’d love you to join us for our free encore webinar. Register here now. 

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