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It can be hard to find the time to watch our webinars as and when they happen. That’s why we’ve set up our on demand service for you to be able to watch our webinars at a time that suits you. Click here to view the on demand webinars

On Demand Webinars

Webinar: Introduction to KYC | Encompass Webinars

Webinar: Introduction to KYC

You know your firm needs to do it, you know we all have responsibility for it, but where has KYC come from and why is it important?

In this free 20 minutes webinar, we explore the background of KYC for legal and accountancy, explore the regulations currently in place to help combat money laundering and terrorism financing, and the KYC solutions being used by firms today.

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Webinar: What is RegTech | Encompass Webinars

Webinar: What is RegTech?

With an increase in regulatory compliance, innovation in technology has become increasingly prevalent throughout the professional and financial services. With the birth of RegTech, we ask, what is it, and how can it be effectively utilised by firms across sectors

In this free 25 mins webinar, Susie Kinsella takes you through what the past and present of RegTech, and how technology can help improve efficiency across any business.

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Webinar: Kick Start Your Insolvency Investigation | Ian Schofield | Encompass

Webinar: Top Tips to Kick Start Your Insolvency Investigation

Ian Schofield, insolvency industry advisor to Encompass who has over 36 years experience in restructuring and insolvency, and Wayne Parker, current Head of Business Recovery & Restructuring at Gordons LLP, take you through an in-depth insolvency case study and recover a substantial hidden asset.

From the outset there appeared to be no funds in this case but after revealing a disposition of assets and pursuing a claim the investigation ultimately resulted in recovering funds in excess of £1.5m.

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Webinar: Monitoring Fraud in ABL | Encompass

Webinar: Monitoring Fraud in Asset Based Finance

In this webinar, Kate Sharp, former chief executive of ABFA, outlines a typical case of fraud, highlights many of the common factors of fraud, and explores solutions and mechanisms which can be put in place to combat it.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • What is the size of the problem?
  • A typical portrait of fraud
  • Exploring the solutions
  • Techniques to highlight potential issues sooner
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Webinar: Cutting Through the Buzz | Encompass

Webinar: Cutting Through the Buzz - A Rough Guide to Legal Analytics

Legal industry advisor Chris Bull and Encompass Product Manager Natasha Miller demonstrate how modern law firms use technology, data and analytics to secure client loyalty.

Walk away with practical insights into:

  • The evolution of Legal Analytics
  • How Visual Analytics can transform your firm
  • The pragmatic approach: deciphering AI & the ‘Four As’: Analytics, Automation, Aggregation & Augmentation.
  • Best practice use of Business Intelligence
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Scott Goodsir-Smyth, Customer Success Manager | Encompass Webinar

Webinar: Encompass Product Update August 2016

Encompass’ Customer Success Manager Scott Goodsir-Smyth demonstrates the new features in the August release of Encompass.

Scott reviews the Encompass workspace, helping you understand:

  • C6 Intelligence searching
  • Time Filters
  • Information providers available
  • How Customer Success can help you
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Chris Bull, Legal Industry Advsior | Encompass Webinar

Webinar: Information to Impact

Legal industry advisor Chris Bull presents the six stage model that enables firms to take hugely topical but too-often obscure and technology-centric issues like Big Data, Analytics, Management Information, Metrics, Client Insight and Business Intelligence and understand how they can deliver real business improvement in a professional firm environment.

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Chris Jones, gunnercooke | Encompass Webinar

Webinar: Finding & Recovering Assets in Insolvency

In this free 25 minute webinar, Chris Jones, partner at gunnercooke, presents his three stage model focussing on the fundamentals of asset recovery; Investigation, Action, and Enforcement.

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Joel Brandon, Bureau van Dijk | Encompass Webinar

Webinar: How do professional services firms use Fame?

In this 30 minute webinar, Joel Brandon, Account Director at Bureau van Dijk as he as he demonstrates how professional services can get the most from Fame from BvD. Joel advises BvD clients on their challenges in credit risk, business acceptance, KYC, AML and CDD, among other key areas such as M&A research, business development and supply chain management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't make any of the available dates for your webinar, can I choose another time?

Yes, of course. We know that finding the time in a busy working day can be tough, and your schedule could change quickly, which is why we have set up our on demand webinar service. We can also provide the slides for our webinars – simply email webinars@encompasscorporation.com and our team will get back to you. We don’t currently have on demand versions of our product overview webinars, but we can arrange a personalised overview by contacting us at the address above.

How do I login to your webinar?

Once you’ve registered for a webinar you will receive a confirmation email. Closer to the time we’ll send you another email with the details on how to join.  We use GoToWebinar and all you need is access to the internet – no need to download any additional software.

Do I need to mute myself?

Don’t worry, we will take care of all the webinar settings.  You can either call in to hear the audio, or use your computer speakers, whichever is easiest for you.

Do I have to watch the webinar live, or can I view it later?

We have set up our on demand webinar service so you can fit the webinars in to your schedule and watch at a time that suits you. If you would like any of slides from the webinars, email webinars@encompasscorporation.com and our team will get back to you.

The webinar page is blocked on my computer?

If you cannot view the webinar webpage from your computer then you will need to speak to your IT team to allow access. If you use a mobile device or tablet, why not try the GotoMeeting App? Alternatively contact our team at webinars@encompasscorporation.com and we can try an alternative method for you.

Multiple Data Sources

Single point of access to a growing list of commercial data sources.

KYC Policy Automation

Complete AML/CTF checks on one or one thousand customers.


Streamline Processes

Save time and money on data research, discovery and analysis.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Just consider the improvement potential: three hours of a senior lawyer’s time reduced to 30 seconds, while producing a result with significant improvement in accuracy compared to the long-established way of searching. Using Encompass Verify transforms any lawyer into a power researcher.”

Chris Jones

Partner, gunnercooke

“We didn’t want the discussion in the client meeting to be limited to hypotheticals. Encompass enabled us to quickly understand the situation and provide meaningful advice to the client regarding the various registered security interests. Our prompt response surpassed the expectations of our client.”

Chris Wilkinson

Partner, Brown Wright Stein Lawyers

“When you’re in the early stage of an investigation you are constantly hypothesising, wondering and searching. With Encompass, we can get the answers we need immediately. Sometimes the system seems to work as fast as you are thinking.”

Dean Newlan

Partner, McGrath Nicol


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