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KYC remediation

don’t let outdated customer information expose you to risk

Effective compliance and risk management programmes depend on accurate and up-to-date Know Your Customer data. However, maintaining KYC profiles when the regulatory landscape and customer risk profiles are subject to constant change is time-consuming and expensive.

In this 40-minute webinar, David Deane, banking industry advisor to encompass, offers an insider’s perspective and practical guidance into:

  • regulatory and reputational drivers for KYC/customer remediation
  • current remediation challenges facing banks
  • the keys to effective remediation
  • the critical role of automation and data

Can’t make it? Don’t worry – book your place anyway and we will send you a link to watch the webinar at a time that suits you.

on demand webinars

OFAC compliance – half a loaf?

Q&A with sanctions and risk specialist Eric A. Sohn

In this webinar Nick Ford, Head of Partnerships at encompass, interviews leading sanctions and risk specialist Eric A. Sohn of Dow Jones Risk & Compliance to gain an insight into all things sanctions.

In this 40 minutes session they discuss the big questions around:

  • US sanction lists
  • the OFAC and EU 50 percent rules
  • sanctions ownership research

For further insight in to sanctions, read Eric A. Sohn’s guest blog on the Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) here.

best practice in AML and KYC compliance

the role of data and technology in driving efficiency and consistency

Regulated firms are still reeling from the European Union’s Fourth Money Laundering Directive (4MLD), and with 5MLD hot on its heels, the pressure to adapt anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) processes shows no sign of abating. Learn how a modern approach to AML and KYC compliance can help your firm, and gain an insight into best practices to ensure maximum protection from risk.

Hosted by, Nick Ford, Head of Partnerships at encompass, and featuring Nick Parfitt, Product Director at C6 intelligence, the webinar covers:

  • 4MLD and 5MLD – Key Changes
  • balancing regulatory obligations with client and business expectations
  • implementing a best in breed AML/KYC process
  • the role of structured data
  • the role of technology

identifying and verifying corporate hierarchies and ultimate beneficial owners

get the full picture, fast

Comprehensively identifying and verifying corporate hierarchies and ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) has become increasingly important since the implementation of 4MLD, and MLR2017. However, achieving this view is time-consuming, and most organisations struggle to uncover the full picture.

In this free 40 minute webinar, regulatory compliance operations consultants Jon Wilson and Yasmeen Jaffer explore the big questions around beneficial ownership:

  • why is it so important?
  • why is it so difficult?
  • where do I find the information?
  • how can I comply without lengthening the customer onboarding and KYC processes?

RegTech and the new KYC standard

how firms will need to adapt their client onboarding to meet 4MLD requirements

Adopting a risk based approach, enhanced due diligence, identifying ultimate beneficial owners… the 4MLD and MLR2017 demand firms take a new approach to client onboarding, posing unique and complex challenges.

During this webinar you will learn about:

  • 4MLD and MLR 2017: emphasis on a risk based approach
  • can yesterday’s processes meet the challenges raised by 4MLD and MLR 2017?
  • key requirements for the regulator ready firm
  • designing an automated KYC process for risk based assessment
  • RegTech for legal and accountancy
  • transforming KYC to comply with 4MLD MLR 2017 at your firm

Legal and RegTech

Couldn’t make it to #LegalGeek? Made it, but missed the #RegTech panel? This 25 minute catch-up webinar gets the participants back on stage to talk Legal and RegTech! In this free webinar you hear from:

  • Alex from encompass
  • Peter from libryo
  • Jane from Enforcd
  • Vasili from cognitiv+

There are many reasons why law firms should be paying attention to RegTech, which Alex covered in a recent blog. The webinar includes a four minute pitch from each RegTech provider followed by a Q&A.

AML regulation update for financial services

In this free webinar with special guest, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) consultant Martin Allen, gain new insight into the impact of new AML regulations and learn actionable changes that your firm can understand and implement swiftly.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • what Anti-Money Laundering is and its history within financial services
  • what the new regulations say and how they are changing
  • how your procedural practices should evolve to keep up with the new regulations
  • how other firms are implementing swift changes to their practice management and staff training agendas

AML regulation update for legal and accountancy

In this informative 30 minute webinar, encompass VP Operations, Alex Ford, covers the main points you and your compliance teams need to know about the new changes to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulation for professional service firms.

Walk away with knowledge of:

  • key Know Your Customer (KYC) challenges firms face today
  • implications of AML/CTF regulations on KYC processes
  • manual, outsourced, automated: solutions available
  • best practice KYC in professional services
  • where you can go to find out more

MLR 2017 4 months on

what your firm needs to do to meet the needs of new regulations

It’s four months since the UK government published The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017, commonly called MLR 2017. Now the dust has settled, it’s incumbent on firms of all sizes to take action.

This informative webinar we welcomed Amy Bell, Chair of the Law Society AML Action Task Force and compliance expert, as she focussed on:

  • overview of MLR 2017
  • where we are four months on
  • what this means for firms in practice
  • The Law Society’s latest Practice Note

transforming know your customer operations

This free 30 minute webinar investigates the KYC process to offer a way forward for financial services and other firms looking to improve outcomes for all involved in KYC processing and customer onboarding. During the webinar you will learn about:

  • what challenges the financial services sector face today
  • specific regulatory demands on firms throughout the due diligence checks
  • the maturation of the three step onboarding process: Assess, Plan, Do
  • new opportunities for growth and scale through the use of digital systems and automation

introduction to know your customer

You know your firm needs to do it, you know we all have responsibility for it, but where has Know Your Customer (KYC) come from and why is it important?

In this free 20 minutes webinar, we explore the background of KYC for legal and accountancy, explore the regulations currently in place to help combat money laundering and terrorism financing, and the KYC solutions being used by firms today.

the open data question - a double-edged sword?

Data is all the hype and open data is the new cool kid on the block. But does it really unlock value for business or is it a fad that will go away?

Presented in association with Open Corporates, in this free 25 minute webinar learn more about how open data is helping businesses and governments improve data, products, and policy-making, and how it contributes to the wider social good.

what is RegTech?

With an increase in regulatory compliance, innovation in technology has become increasingly prevalent throughout the professional and financial services. With the birth of RegTech, we ask, what is it, and how can it be effectively utilised by firms across sectors

In this free 25 mins webinar, Susie Kinsella takes you through what the past and present of RegTech, and how technology can help improve efficiency across any business.

AML & KYC pest practice for the new era

encompass VP Marketing & Operations, Alex Ford, is joined by Denisse Rudich of FireDrake to discuss changes to the best practice for AML and KYC in the new era of compliance and security.

In this free 60 minutes webinar hosted by BrightTalk, they discuss:

  • how to better handle performing client due diligence on an ongoing basis?
  • what are the challenges of the traditional AML/KYC procedures?
  • what can we expect from the AML Directive that comes into force in June of this year?
  • what are the common mistakes FIs make when managing their data?
  • how can Machine Learning and automation help?

frequently asked questions

I can't make any of the available dates for your webinar, can I choose another time?

Yes, of course. We know that finding the time in a busy working day can be tough, and your schedule could change quickly, which is why we have set up our on demand webinar service. We can also provide the slides for our webinars – simply email webinars@encompasscorporation.com and our team will get back to you. We don’t currently have on demand versions of our product overview webinars, but we can arrange a personalised overview by contacting us at the address above.

How do I login to your webinar?

Once you’ve registered for a webinar you will receive a confirmation email. Closer to the time we’ll send you another email with the details on how to join.  We use GoToWebinar and all you need is access to the internet – no need to download any additional software.

Do I need to mute myself?

Don’t worry, we will take care of all the webinar settings.  You can either call in to hear the audio, or use your computer speakers, whichever is easiest for you.

Do I have to watch the webinar live, or can I view it later?

We have set up our on demand webinar service so you can fit the webinars in to your schedule and watch at a time that suits you. If you would like any of slides from the webinars, email webinars@encompasscorporation.com and our team will get back to you.

The webinar page is blocked on my computer?

If you cannot view the webinar webpage from your computer then you will need to speak to your IT team to allow access. If you use a mobile device or tablet, why not try the GotoMeeting App? Alternatively contact our team at webinars@encompasscorporation.com and we can try an alternative method for you.

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