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OPBAS AML compliance | Encompass on demand webinar

OPBAS AML compliance

what can be learnt from the banking sector’s approach to digital KYC

duration 50 minutes

Amy Bell (Teal Compliance) and Steve Elliot (LexisNexis Risk Solutions) will give you the information and insight you need about how other regulated industries can learn from banks and implement new technologies to stay compliant.

Data and technology | Encompass and Refinitiv on demand webinar

Data and technology

the perfect partnership for AML compliance

duration 45 minutes

With ever-changing regulations impacting the information you need to gather for KYC purposes, it has never been more important to get your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance processes right, and to take advantage of how technology and the right data sets can power your compliance programmes.

KYC and IDV | Encompass and GBG on demand webinar


a new approach to support you in a new world

duration 45 minutes

FATF has called on financial institutions to take full advantage of regtech solutions as a means of meeting both regulatory and customer obligations. Gus Tomlinson (GBG Group) and Jonathan Holman (Santander) discuss the challenges of remote compliance teams and why regtech must be a priority.

KYC - Evolving from data to risk management | Encompass and RegTech Associates on demand webinar

KYC - Evolving from data to risk management

duration 50 minutes

In this panel discussion webinar hosted by RegTech Associates, Nick Ford (Encompass), Ben Marsh (iMeta), Ann Skoda-Turner (Evalueserve) and Samantha Sheen focus on how automation plays an important role in financial crime compliance, how different approaches are needed for different customers, and the impact of COVID-19.

AML in 2020: Spotlight on sanctions | Encompass on demand webinar

Spotlight on sanctions

understanding beneficial ownership to uncover hidden sanctions risk

duration 50 minutes

The use of complex corporate structures has meant that identifying sanctions risk has become an increasingly complicated task. Samantha Wolreich (Dow Jones Risk & Compliance) discusses effective approaches to compliance and the role of technology.

Delivering digital KYC | Encompass on demand webinar

Delivering digital KYC

improving managed service providers’ value proposition

duration 35 minutes

When complying with AML/CTF legislation proves challenging, many regulated companies turn to MSPs for help. While digital transformation initiatives carry risks, partnering with best-of-breed technology vendors offers MSPs and their clients a means to mitigate these.

Get Ahead with Regtech | Encompass on demand webinar

Get ahead with RegTech

how automation can enhance your KYC process

duration 30 minutes

Australian financial institutions’ management of their regulatory responsibilities continues to come under the spotlight. This increased scrutiny should lead to much-needed modernisation of business operations in relation to financial crime compliance. We look at how regtech will play a vital role for Australian regulated firms.

AML Compliance for Law Firms - Source of Wealth, Source of Funds | Amy Bell | encompass on demand webinar

Source of wealth, source of funds

AML compliance for law firms

duration 60 minutes

Amy Bell, legal industry advisor to Encompass, summarises the differences and key regulatory drivers behind the need to identify and verify source of wealth and source of funds, and provides practical guidance on how to approach this challenge.

AML Regtech Roundup 2019 | Dr Henry Balani | Encompass on demand webinars

AML RegTech roundup

an insightful roundup of all things regtech in 2019

duration 45 minutes

2019 saw many changes to regulation, increased fines, and a surge in new technology being developed. Dr. Henry Balani, compliance and AML specialist and academic, talks through the changes in AML regtech throughout 2019, and looks ahead to potential trends to look out for in 2020 and beyond.

Get Ahead with Regtech | Encompass on demand webinar

Understanding 5MLD

practical implications and anticipating future regulatory changes

duration 40 minutes

5MLD represents the latest update to the AML directives put out by the EU. Like these previous directives, the goal is to stay current with changes in money laundering techniques. Compliance consultant and academic Dr. Henry Balani discusses six major changes and how to adapt.

KYC remediation | David Deane | encompass on demand webinar

KYC remediation

don’t let outdated customer information expose you to risk

duration 30 minutes

In this webinar David Deane, banking industry advisor to Encompass, offers an insiders perspective and practical guidance into regulatory and reputation drivers, current remediation challenges facing banks and the often overlooked role of automation and data.

aligning customer and vendor due diligence through technology | encompass on demand webinar

Aligning customer and vendor due diligence through technology

duration 45 minutes

Explore the convergence in compliance and procurement strategic objectives and responsibilities, and how joined-up processes can accelerate progress towards the common objectives of reducing costs while streamlining third-party onboarding.

Automation in KYC | encompass on demand webinar

Automation in KYC

perception vs reality

duration 40 minutes

What exactly is automation and intelligent processing, and do these new technologies really deliver on their promise? Just how smart is intelligent processing? What are the returns on investment from this new technology? CAMS-certified solutions consultant Ruby Schembri discusses the perception and the reality of automation in KYC.

best practice in AML and KYC compliance | encompass on demand webinar

Best practice in AML & KYC compliance

the role of data and technology in driving efficiency and consistency

duration 40 minutes

Learn how a modern approach to AML and KYC compliance can help your firm, and gain an insight into best practices to ensure maximum protection from risk without sacrificing client experience.

using machine learning in AML efforts | encompass on demand webinar

Using machine learning to improve AML efforts

identifying AML challenges that can be addressed by modern technology

duration 60 minutes

In this webinar, we discuss how modern technology uses the artificial intelligence capability of machine learning to streamline the overwhelming tasks of data identification and analysis in an anti-money laundering (AML) program.

legal design thinking - reengineering business intake for long-term success | encompass on demand webinar

Legal design thinking

reengineering business intake for long term success

duration 50 minutes

Many firms have made significant progress in service delivery, using technology to streamline the process and enhance the client experience. Despite increasing competition and pricing pressure, however, this innovation has not yet been applied to business intake and client onboarding. This webinar explores how firms can adapt to meet this urgent need.

RegTech and the new KYC standard | encompass on demand webinar

RegTech and the new KYC standard

the role of data and technology in driving efficiency and consistency

duration 30 minutes

In this webinar we were joined by Chris Bull, legal advisor to Encompass, to discuss the challenges raised by the latest regulations and how firms can adopt RegTech to meet them.

OFAC Compliance Q&A with Eric A. Sohn | encompass on demand webinar

OFAC compliance - half a loaf?

Q&A with sanctions and risk specialist Eric A. Sohn

duration 40 minutes

In this webinar Nick Ford, Head of Partnerships at encompass, interviews leading sanctions and risk specialist Eric A. Sohn of Dow Jones Risk & Compliance to gain an insight into all things sanctions.

identify and verify corporate hierarchy and ultimate beneficial owner | encompass on demand webinar

Identifying and verifying corporate hierarchies and ultimate beneficial ownership

Get the full picture, fast

duration 40 minutes

In this free on demand webinar, regulatory compliance operations consultants Jon Wilson and Yasmeen Jaffer explore the big questions around beneficial ownership and the impact of the latest regulations.

legal and RegTech | encompass on demand webinar

Legal and RegTech

The benefits for legal firms in using RegTech solutions

duration 25 minutes

In this webinar Alex Ford, VP of Product & Marketing at Encompass, sits down the Legal Geek RegTech panel to discuss the many reasons why law firms should be paying attention to regtech.

OFAC Compliance Q&A with Eric A. Sohn | encompass on demand webinar

MLR 2017: 4 months on

What your needs to do to meet the needs of new AML regulations

duration 50 minutes

This informative webinar we welcomed Amy Bell, Chair of the Law Society AML Action Task Force and compliance expert, as she looked at the newly implemented regulations and what they mean for firms in practice.

AML Regulation Update for Financial Services | Martin Allen | encompass webinars

AML regulation update for financial services

AML regulation update for financial services

duration 45 minutes

In this free on demand webinar, with special guest, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) consultant Martin Allen gain new insight into the impact of new AML regulations and learn actionable changes that your firm can understand and implement swiftly.

AML regulations update for legal & accountancy | encompass on demand webinar

AML regulation update for legal and accountancy

AML regulation update for professional services

duration 30 minutes

This informative free on demand webinar covers the main points you and your compliance teams need to know about the new changes to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulation for professional service firms.

transforming know your customer operations | encompass webinars

Transforming know your customer operations

Accelerate onboarding and achieve scale of operations

duration 30 minutes

This webinar investigates the KYC process to offer a way forward for financial services and other firms looking to improve outcomes for all involved in KYC processing and customer onboarding.

The Open Data Question: A Double Edged Sword?

open data, the pros and cons of transparency, and the data landscape now and in the future

duration 25 minutes

Presented in association with Open Corporates, in this webinar learn more about how open data is helping businesses and governments improve data, products, and policy-making, and how it contributes to the wider social good.

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