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using machine learning to improve AML efforts

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Detecting and preventing money laundering is one of the most daunting compliance tasks financial institutions and purveyors of luxury goods and high end real estate face. The complexity and volume of data that must be gathered and analyzed presents real challenges that can now be addressed through the application of artificial intelligence and particularly machine learning.

In this webinar, we discuss how modern technology uses the artificial intelligence capability of machine learning to streamline the overwhelming tasks of data identification and analysis in an anti-money laundering (AML) program. You will learn to:

  • understand the terminology of and around machine learning
  • identify the AML challenges that can be addressed by modern technology
  • apply machine learning to different stages of AML programs
  • consider risks of machine learning and how to manage them


  • Robyn Todd, Senior Project Manager, Encompass
  • Kevin Bogdanov, Director, Market Development Customer and Third Party Risk Management, Refinitiv


  • Carole Switzer, Co-Founder and President, OCEG

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