Embracing KYC transformation
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Explore our AML & KYC case studies and see the impact that Encompass’ RegTech automation platform has delivered for clients across industries.
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Encompass revolutionizes Know Your Customer processes with Pegasystems
By Rachael Coyle | October 5th 2021 Encompass have announced an enhanced partnership with Pegasystems.
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Achieving lasting success through effective remediation programmes
By Nick Ford | May 27th 2021 A practical guide to remediation projects for financial services professionals.
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Industry experts discuss the role of RegTech in successful CLM initiatives for new Encompass ebook
By Cheri Burns | February 17th 2021 Our whitepaper explores the CLM landscape, what makes a successful partnership, and role of RegTech.
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Accuity (now LexisNexis Risk Solutions) and Encompass partner to improve KYC risk assessments
By Cheri Burns | July 21st 2020 A strategic partnership to help customers streamline KYC processes.
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Webinar recap: Delivering digital KYC – improving Managed Service Providers’ value proposition
By Cheri Burns | June 4th 2020 We round-up the key points of our latest webinar, Delivering digital KYC.
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Delivering digital KYC
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | May 28th 2020 Improving managed service providers’ value proposition.
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Managed Service Providers play a critical role in the GRC ecosystem
By Nick Ford | May 7th 2020 Inefficient and ineffective KYC creates opportunities for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).
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Invidem partners with Encompass and iMeta Technologies to make KYC data handling easier
By Cheri Burns | April 6th 2020 Encompass will provide Invidem with highly automated KYC data gathering with CLM provision by iMeta.
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KYC utilities: how to plan for success and reach objectives
By Wayne Johnson | May 14th 2019 We look at how businesses can plan to effectively launch KYC utilities.