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A guide to perpetual KYC

By Dr Henry Balani | Wed 31 August, 2022

Across the world, banks are looking at the efficiency savings and risk reduction on offer with Perpetual KYC (pKYC) versus existing periodic KYC refresh and remediation approaches.

In this video Dr Henry Balani, Chair of the pKYC Advisory Board and Global Head of Industry and Regulatory Affairs at Encompass outlines:

  • What is pKYC
  • Why is pKYC needed?
  • What is the starting point on the journey to pKYC?

Learn more about pKYC in our whitepaper

Author: Dr Henry Balani

Dr. Henry Balani is Global Head of Industry and Regulatory Affairs at Encompass. He is a noted industry thought leader and commentator on Regulatory Compliance issues and trends affecting the financial services industry. As a published academic, Dr. Balani also lectures on international business, economics, and regulatory compliance courses globally. Dr. Balani holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, an M.B.A. from Northern Illinois University in the USA, and a B.S. in Economics from the London School of Economics.

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