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Introduction to Encompass

Just what is Encompass, and how does it work?

Watch this short video to get a quick overview of how we are automating KYC processes and accelerating onboarding of customers for our clients in banking, finance, legal and accountancy.

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Santander case study

Digital transformation for know your customer

“The processing time in our KYC teams and financial crime teams had risen exponentially with the increase in regulation… If we hadn’t changed the process and implemented Encompass we would still be manually looking up lots of disparate parts of information in lots of separate portals.”

Compliance: the new decade

RegTech and future-proofing compliance

In this video, our co-founders, Wayne Johnson and Roger Carson, share the story of Encompass, alongside former Chief Risk Officer and industry advisor, Stephen Allen, who discusses the benefits of RegTech to banks.

Digital Regulation Series

RegTech Associates

The RegTech Associates Digital Regulation Roundtable, held in collaboration with the Financial Conduct Authority and Evalueserve, looked into how technology can help connect the financial crime dots on the customer journey, and the optimum combination of machine and human intelligence for fighting financial crime. 

Anderson Strathern case study

Enhancing and accelerating client onboarding

“The need for us to have a comprehensive knowledge of our customers when we onboard them is paramount. To that end, it was important that we brought in Encompass with access to global information providers so we can satisfy that need.”

How technology is the only answer to tackling financial crime

Business Reporter studio debates

Encompass co-founders Wayne Johnson and Roger Carson were interviewed by Business Reporter.

“Without the use of technology…banks are always going to be on the back foot. They have to find ways to implement new methods to lower the costs, get a better result and manage the customer at the same time – that’s what our platform does.”

The future of banking

Business Reporter studio debates

Encompass CEO and co-founder Wayne Johnson was interviewed by The Telegraph’s Alistair Greener for The Business Reporter Studio Debates for his thoughts on the future of banking

Transforming KYC compliance through process automation

Business Reporter studio debates

Encompass co-founders Wayne Johnson and Roger Carson were interviewed by The Telegraph’s Alistair Greener for The Business Reporter Studio Debates to discuss how data analytics plays a crucial role in automating the KYC and compliance process.

Discover Ultimate Beneficial Owner | Encompass Verify

understanding corporate structure

A new case requires you investigate a company to form an understanding of which individuals own and control it. You need to quickly understand the full corporate structure and identify the ultimate beneficial owner.

Find and Value Property Assets | Encompass Verify video

find and value property assets

Watch our video demonstrate a case that appears to be simple with very little opportunities to recover money uncover a far more complex situation including a property asset with recoverable value of more than £600,000!

Research Directors Previous Conduct | Encompass Verify

research a director’s previous conduct

A new case requires that you research a board director’s previous conduct so you can quickly respond to a client’s request for advice. Learn how to streamline this process using encompass verify legal & accountancy KYC

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Get ahead with regtech

Spotlight on sanctions

AML regtech roundup

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