Cloud computing – a term that seems to have been hovering about for an age, but that does not mean it should in any way be dismissed. Taking advantage of it can be a crucial decision for small law firms.

When setting up their IT infrastructure, law firms make one important choice that affects numerous other aspects of their business; choosing between an on-site or cloud solution-based solution.
While there are many positives to using your own on-site facilities to house your data and applications, for many firms this is just not financially feasible. Here are the some ways in which a law firm will benefit from the cloud:


Graphic from Law Firm Suits

Graphic from Law Firm Suits

Maximize Internet Security

Having a high-level grade of security can be difficult to achieve – if not impossible – in an onsite IT environment. It is certainly out of reach for smaller firm with a limited budget. As a result of this, many small firms end up with an imperfect solution, such as consumer-grade firewalls protecting an onsite server. When you are dealing with highly sensitive information, this just isn’t an option.

Using reliable cloud technologies, small firms can utilise better internet security that is far more secure than any in-house system.

Reliable Physical Security

Some people question the importance of physical data security. After all, if someone were to penetrate a firm’s physical defenses, they’d still need to log in to the server.

But physical security remains highly important – backup media could be stolen, and it’s even possible that someone could make off with your entire server!

Taking advantage of secure systems in remote locations will better protect your data from physical attacks.

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7 Advantages of the Cloud for a Law Firm - Legal Workspace

Law firms make one important choice that affects numerous other aspects of their business: whether to set up their own IT infrastructure and house data onsite or use a cloud-based solution to host all of their applications and data.

While there are still those who doubt the security and application of cloud-based systems, the advances in both areas of many cloud solutions goes some way to quelling these arguments. Investing in high-end on-site solutions is expensive, and the setup and cost will inevitably hamper your core business, taking you away from focusing on clients.

Utilising cloud-based applications such as Encompass Verify is a highly cost-effective way of keeping your firm agile and your data secure.

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