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in the spotlight – Tom Artingstall and Steven Spark, Customer Success

By Cheri Burns | Wed 10 July, 2019

‘We’re here to make you successful, whenever and wherever you need us’ – that’s the message from the Encompass Customer Success team.

Committed to understanding needs, they strive to turn the goals of our customers into a reality by working with them to get to the heart of the issues that really matter.

With every customer receiving the assistance of a dedicated specialist as they implement our solution, this section of the company, led by Head of Customer Success Scott Goodsir-Smyth, is crucial to our continued growth and to those our product serves.

But, what exactly is it like working as part of such a busy and varied team? Customer Support Specialist Tom Artingstall and Customer Success Specialist Steven Spark give some insight into their roles and life at Encompass.

What led to you joining Encompass?

in the spotlight - Steven Spark, Customer Success | encompass blogTA: A recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn and, after learning about Encompass and its culture, I was interested in finding out more.

SS: Having left my previous role of Business Development Manager at a data analytics company to increase my skills and knowledge in the field of business analysis, I was looking to join a company where I could apply this learning and really make an impact.

The level of attention that Encompass places on new and existing customers, as well as the support given when it comes to continual learning and development, were probably the biggest factors that led to me joining the team.

What appealed to you about becoming part of the team?

TA: The flexibility I was offered to do my job in the best way I knew how, and working for a company that respected both me and my role.

SS: In business, the term team is often used in name only whereas, from the moment I was introduced to Encompass, I could tell this was different. I’m months into my role now and my initial thoughts are no different.

Regardless of what business area or department you’re in, colleagues pull together and support each other to accomplish the company’s objectives, share best practice and, all-in-all, make working at Encompass something to enjoy and be proud of.

Describe what your role involves on a daily basis…

TA: I work on the customer helpdesk, which involves working alongside customers if they encounter any issues when using our platform. I also provide local IT support to the Glasgow office.

Day-to-day, I monitor the product and respond to customer queries. I’m also putting more of my time into improving our service delivery processes as we continue to grow and work with more global customers.

SS: My role is a varied one. I work with customers from the point that they become customers onwards and help to implement our solution. This includes anything from capturing a customer’s onboarding requirements and configuring their automated KYC policies through to delivering product training to ensure that the users have the knowledge, skills and confidence to get maximum value from our software.

The role doesn’t stop once Encompass is implemented. We engage with customers throughout their time with us to make sure they remain satisfied that the solution is providing what they need to meet their compliance objectives as the demands in this area are always increasing.

What are the main rewards and challenges of what you do?

in the spotlight - Tom Artingstall, Customer Support | encompass blogTA: The main reward for me is that I am given the freedom to do things the best way I know how, and I have the opportunity to develop best practice for the future. That’s also the biggest challenge, as I don’t always have a pre-written process to fall back on when a new situation arises, so I have to be prepared to get creative and learn new skills quickly.

SS: Speaking with happy customers and hearing about how Encompass has made a difference, in terms of helping them to work in a smarter way, while building relationships and actually seeing this success long term.

The most challenging aspect of my role is keeping up to date with the latest regulatory changes as the pace is really quite fast but I enjoy trying to keep up!

How would you say your role sits within the company as a whole, in terms of helping to meet goals?

TA: My job is crucial to our post-sales support. Beyond just meeting our contractual obligations, our business model relies on customers continuing to use our solution after the initial sale, and I know from experience how important it is to receive good service when you need it most.

SS: I think the Customer Success team’s role in the company is vitally important, as any SaaS company relies on our customers’ long term success so that our company can continue to grow. We are very focused on this success, as our name suggests, because fundamentally, both are linked.

How would you sum up your experience of working in the industry and at Encompass?

TA: Coming from a corporate environment, working with a growing company like Encompass has been a big change for me. At Encompass, I know everyone I’m working with and I can see the impact my work has on the business’s success. Above all, I feel like my work is respected and valued.

SS: It’s been really positive. Financial crime is one of the biggest problems in our society today and the fact our platform is designed to help our customers tackle this issue is highly motivating on a personal level, as you know the work you do is making a difference. We are also encouraged to constantly improve and learn from our experiences, which is something I really enjoy.

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