How to turn legal information in to digital gold…


The new Encompass whitepaper “Lean Legal” was recently launched and covered by Lawyers Weekly.

The paper explains how in an era of low business confidence and information overload, visualisation is helping the legal industry maximise their ROI – ‘Return on Information’.

In response to the interest in the whitepaper, we have scheduled a webinar review.  Technology Expert Steve Karro will provide a fast guide to achieving a lean legal vision through the three ‘Cs’ of information management: Consolidation, Collaboration and Centralisation.

Join the webinar to find out how you can harness the power of visualisation to turn your minutes into money and walk away with practical steps to build the client loyalty, service differentiation and competitive advantage that will maximise revenue for your firm.

  • When: Thursday 19th September at 1.30 -2.00pm
  • Where: Via Webinar Register here
  • Who should attend: Partners, Practice Managers and anyone who works with information in a law firm.

We look forward to hosting you at our upcoming Webinar.


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Lawyers, accountants, corporate advisors and lenders must review and cross reference official documents from a range of sources, to verify facts at the beginning of every matter.

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