Stay up to date with Legal IT Insiders top takeaways from the 2016 IT forum held at Gleneagles.

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Speaking to a packed audience, BT’s general counsel for UK commercial legal services Chris Fowler said that he would welcome and encourage the involvement of IT directors within a pitch for business and in a more client-facing role. Furthermore, by licensing out their technology to clients (as some already do), law firms can offer more ‘sticky propositions’ that mean their relationship goes far deeper than one piece of legal advice.

Legal Leaders IT Forum 2016: the evolving role of IT directors | Legal IT Insider

It has been described as a 'resounding success' and 'amazing few days' (much to the relief and delight of everyone at TavistockMedia) and over the next few weeks Legal IT Insider will be bringing you the major take aways from the keynote talks and round table discussions at Legal Leaders IT Forum 2016 in a snowy Gleneagles.

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