Encompass is a fantastic solution for bringing together information from disparate data sources and providing a single view of the information gathered from those sources. More importantly, Encompass transforms the information into easily understandable, digestible information. It has the ability to show connections between people, organisations and property instantly – connections that would have otherwise been missed, resulting in potentially costly decisions.

As the team at Encompass spends more and more of our time engaging with our customers and understanding how they use commercial information in their work, one question we have frequently been asked is “What about trusts?

When we delved into those three words in a little more detail, you outlined two key issues:


We struggle to get trust information. Can Encompass get it for us?


If we could, of course we would.  Unfortunately, however, there is no single source that stores trust information that we – or anyone else – can access.


How can we combine trust information with the data that Encompass presents from the publically available information sources?


This is an area where I am incredibly pleased to say that we can help. Working with some of our clients to make sure that we meet your needs, we have fundamentally changed the way that Encompass operates.

Encompass has always been able to pull together data from key, publically available data sources, but what about the other information that you discover along the way?  What about the important data contained within the trust deed that you just obtained? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show the beneficiaries of the fund and how the units are distributed?

Now you can do all of this within Encompass. Simply enter the ‘Edit Chart’ mode and draw in the information and connections as you discover them. You can even attach the trust deed to the chart so that you have all the information you need in a single workspace.

You invest both money and resources obtaining information from organisations such as ASIC and PPSR. Encompass ensures you get the best possible return on this investment by giving you the full picture so you can maximise the value that you get from the information.  Encompass delivers a rich solution that allows you to work with information in a manner that is cost effective and convenient for you.

The full picture just got even fuller. We would like to hear your thoughts about this new feature or any idea that you have for Encompass.

Chris Fowler is the Product Manager at Encompass.

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