This week we joined more than one hundred members of the IPS User Group at Warwick University for their 26th annual conference.

We’d like to thank Ted Wetton, User Group chairman and licensed Insolvency Practitioner at Gibson Booth, and Darren White, Operations Director at Turnkey Group, for their joint invitation to attend the event.

Ted opened the event with a reminder to firms of their need to remain competitive, and highlighted the contribution productivity tools play in automating many aspects of business operations. Ted has surveyed attendees for the previous 2 years and noted an increase in adoption of technologies such as portals and document management systems that create the foundations for paperless operations. However, Ted warned that firms yet to adopt these and other automation technologies put themselves at risk of being left behind by their competitors.

The next presenter was Giles Ecart, Service Manager at the Insolvency Service who leads a team developing a portal to automate redundancy claims and payments from former employees of companies in liquidation. About 100,000 people each year apply for redundancy payments, and Giles described how the Insolvency Service is working with professionals in the industry to ensure all these applications are processed digitally.

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Lawyers, accountants, corporate advisors and lenders must review and cross reference official documents from a range of sources, to verify facts at the beginning of every matter.

With the theme of productivity through automation and taking advantage of digital flows of information firmly established in the minds of the audience, Ian Schofield, our Industry Advisor for Restructuring and Insolvency, took to the stage with James Pearson, our Product Specialist, to give an interactive demonstration of how Encompass automates the search process used to establish the facts of a matter. As Ian led the audience through a matter, James ran searches across Companies House and the Gazette to visualise the facts. I then took to the stage to recount how our customers, while delighted with the productivity gains they have achieved, express the sentiment that they would be even more productive if Encompass and IPS were integrated. Soon they will be.
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Turnkey are busy developing the next release of IPS which, along with many new capabilities, will feature the ability to launch Encompass directly and to receive a digital stream of information about companies, directors, properties, charges etc. to populate a case within IPS. I’ve recently outlined these plans to customers and their feedback has been enthusiastic. To quote one customer “Integrating Encompass with Turnkey IPS creates real value as our firm moves to paperless operation. Encompass helps us to set-up a case. Streaming information about companies, directors, addresses and assets directly into IPS means we don’t waste time keying information.”

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