For many years people in financial and professional services have either rested on (or been frustrated by) the idea that knowledge jobs can’t be automated; that there are certain tasks or activities that continue to require human intervention.

Increasingly, however, with the advent of automation, machine learning and other technologies equipped to cope with the anomalies and complexities that have prevented progress in the past, more and more aspects of more and more roles are being examined. While suggesting that we will all be replaced by robots is too simplistic, as this recent article from the Harvard Business Review suggests, there are certain areas of business such as compliance where augmenting the work of highly skilled individuals with automation can dramatically improve productivity, accuracy and overall business value.

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The Knowledge Jobs Most Likely to Be Automated

Which kinds of knowledge workers are at high risk of job loss thanks to smart machines? Usually we don't love getting that question, because the answer isn't the simple one interviewers are seeking.

At Encompass, we are working with firms and partners in professional and financial services to identify and understand opportunities exactly like this, and applying automation to data aggregation and analysis.

While we understand the necessity of the human insight in many cases, especially when confronted with complex ownership structures and directors bent on obfuscation, automating the search and retrieval process and insuring compliance with shifting regulations leads to much more streamlined and efficient process.

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