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With ever-changing regulations impacting the information you need to gather for KYC purposes, it has never been more important to get your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance processes right, and to take advantage of how technology, and the right data sets, can power your compliance programmes.

In this webinar presented in partnership with Refinitiv, Robyn Todd (Senior Product Manager, Encompass) and Emma Miller (Global Head of Partnerships, Refinitiv) explore the importance of using the right data with the right technology, and give you helpful insights into how you can accelerate your own processes.

Key learnings:

  • types of data needed for successful AML compliance
  • what good quality Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) data looks like
  • why it is important to use multiple data sets
  • what good quality technology looks like
  • utilising best-in-class data and technology

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About Encompass

Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation is evolving and so are the costs and impact on the global financial industry.

Encompass' intelligent process automation platform for KYC dramatically improves the client experience, significantly speeding up KYC processes. Encompass automates gathering, processing and collation of primary and premium information and news discovery for KYC purposes - be that for new customer onboarding, event-driven refresh, or remediation.

Using their customers’ existing internal KYC policies and processes, Encompass constructs corporate ownership structures, discovers beneficial owners, and comprehensively screens entities and persons for risk - be that across structured watchlist data sets or unstructured adverse media sources.

Advanced intelligent process automation builds a comprehensive KYC profile from multiple sources, facilitating fast, confident decisions.

Encompass delivers a single platform to manage clients from large corporations through to small and medium sized enterprises and individuals.

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