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How automation solves client outreach challenges | Encompass ebook

How automation solves client outreach challenges

Client outreach is a pressing issue for many organisations when it comes to performing Know Your Customer (KYC). Delve into some of the issues around client outreach, and how automation can reduce the need for these activities, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient client onboarding journey.

The role of RegTech in successful CLM initiatives | Encompass ebook

The role of RegTech in successful CLM initiatives

Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems offer an effective way of gaining a single source of truth about a customer. We explore the advantages of CLM vendors and data providers partnering to collectively address some of the biggest disruptions to financial services.

How banks can benefit from automation post-COVID 19 | Encompass ebook

How banks can benefit from automation post-COVID-19

The pandemic has had far-reaching implications across the financial services industry. We explain why, in order to succeed, banks should take this opportunity to push forward with transformation projects that will allow them to realise the benefits of intelligent process automation (IPA).

AML in 2020 - Financial Crime Focus | Dr Sian Lewin, RegTech Associates | Encompass ebook

AML in 2020 - Financial crime focus

As part of our series looking at the key topics for AML compliance in 2020, Dr Sian Lewin of RegTech Associates outlines her predictions for AML and financial crime for the year, including the impact of changes to key regulation on businesses.
Maximising the Benefits of KYC Automation | encompass ebook

Maximising the benefits of KYC automation

In this ebook, co-authored by OpTechs, we explore how financial institutions can fully unlock the benefits offered by automation to meet the demands of AML and KYC regulations.
Embracing RegTech - accelerating digital transformation | Encompass ebook

Embracing RegTech

As most businesses adjust to a new, largely remote, way of working, the benefits of RegTech, both in terms of continuing to tackle financial crime and implementing robust compliance processes, are becoming increasingly evident.

AML in 2020 - KYC Utilities in Focus | Encompass ebook

AML in 2020 - KYC utilities in focus

As part of our series looking at the key topics for AML compliance in 2020, we look discuss what a KYC utility is, and the role they will have in helping businesses meet increasingly stringent AML regulation.

Delivering digital KYC - improving MSP value proposition | Encompass ebook

Delivering digital KYC

In this ebook, we explore the challenges posed by risk and compliance, and how partnering with best of breed technology can improve managed service providers’ value proposition to clients.

in the spotlight - ultimate beneficial ownership | encompass ebook

Ultimate beneficial ownership

Hiding criminal activities behind complex corporate structures is not a new tactic, but governments are under increasing pressure to improve corporate transparency in a bid to curb financial crime. We look at what businesses need to know.
Transforming Know Your Customer Operations | Encompass whitepaper

Transforming know your customer operations

This whitepaper investigates the business process of KYC to suggest that identifying activities that are candidates for automation offers a way forward for financial service firms looking to improve outcomes for all involved in KYC processing.
The New Know Your Customer Standard | Encompass whitepaper

The new know your customer standard

This whitepaper investigates challenges faced by legal and professional services firms, covering the current state of KYC processes and investigating regtech’s potential to improve their compliance performance and reduce costs.
the digital KYC model ebook | Get Ahead with Regtech | Encompass

The digital KYC model

Exploring KYC from an Australian regulatory perspective, this ebook looks at the traditional approach to KYC operations and how regtech can drive efficiencies for both people and processes.

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