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Transforming Know Your Customer Operations | Encompass Whitepapers

transforming know your customer operations

a systems approach to KYC

This whitepaper looks at how automating the process of KYC can enable businesses to achieve scale and greater efficiencies.

Running Alongside the Machine Pt 1 | Encompass Whitepapers

running alongside the machine

part 1 of 3

Augmenting the process used to establish facts recorded about legal entities.

running alongside the machine

part 2 of 3

Establishing facts about legal entities: a process ripe for unbundling and augmentation.

running alongside the machine

Part 2 of 3

Innovating and augmenting the process establishing facts about legal entities.

Digital Business 2020 | Encompass Whitepaper

digital business 2020

what kind of digital business will you be?

Chris Bull, Legal Industry Advisor to encompass, asks what the advent of the digital age means to legal firms and the next evolution of your business.

Beyond Visualisation | Encompass Whitepaper

Beyond Visualisation

overcoming the hidden costs of information management

Visualisation provides the key to reducing root cause costs of human error and process inefficiencies between operational silos, making it easy to discover, map, cluster and filter information.

Winds of Change | Encompass Whitepaper

the winds of change

picking up speed in a digital economy

How restructuring and insolvency professionals can leverage technology to respond to increased competition, decreasing margins and new fee rules.

Automating Search for a Return on Information | Encompass Whitepaper

automating search for a return on information

how law firms gain efficiencies and a competitive edge

Small changes can deliver big gains. In an increasingly competitive legal services market, clients judge firms by their value.

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