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My reflections on ACAMS Las Vegas 2021
By Dr Henry Balani | October 7th 2021 Dr Henry Balani reflects on an engaging ACAMS Las Vegas conference.
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Why perpetual KYC is the future of due diligence
By Nick Ford | September 23rd 2021 Explore the concept of perpetual KYC, and how institutions can realise the benefits.
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Perpetual KYC – The journey to a new operating model
By Nick Ford | August 25th 2021 In this roundtable webinar hosted by Nick Ford, we discuss pKYC and steps you can take today.
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Research finds control of compliance is ‘biggest benefit’ of RegTech implementation
By Cheri Burns | August 23rd 2021 Encompass surveyed global leaders to gain a view of the impact of implementing solutions.
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Integration, aggregation, intelligent process automation: Navigating KYC due diligence data challenges
By David Williams | August 18th 2021 We explore integration, aggregation and automation in the context of KYC due diligence and data.
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KYC digital transformation: the successes, the hiccups and the outlook
By Nick Ford | August 11th 2021 We focus on KYC and digital transformation in our latest podcast episode.
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Demonstrating compliance cited as key driver as research explores reasons for implementing RegTech
By Cheri Burns | July 28th 2021 We look at the findings of new research into why RegTech is implemented.
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RegTech solutions must be leveraged as Financial Conduct Authority clamps down on cryptocurrency operations
By Cheri Burns | July 2nd 2021 We share why technology must be a priority as cryptocurrency firms face strict obligations.
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The RegTech drive and investment powering industry growth
By Roger Carson | June 9th 2021 We examine the factors contributing to increased investment in the RegTech industry.
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New whitepaper gets to the heart of the concept of perpetual KYC
By Mike Kearney | May 28th 2021 Explore the concept of perpetual KYC in a new whitepaper, produced by Themis and Encompass.
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Achieving lasting success through effective remediation programmes
By Nick Ford | May 27th 2021 A practical guide to remediation projects for financial services professionals.
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Perpetual KYC: the future of due diligence?
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | May 27th 2021 Produced by Themis, this whitepaper explores the role perpetual KYC could have in due diligence.
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How automation solves client outreach challenges
By Ketul Patel | May 25th 2021 Discover how automation tools such as Encompass meet the challenges of client outreach.
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RegTech experts call for revolutionary overhaul of global financial regulation system
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | May 24th 2021 We discuss rethinking regulations and what the future could hold on the 'RegTech 20/20' podcast.
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FCA boosts financial and cyber crime training, new figures reveal
By Cheri Burns | May 18th 2021 New figures show an increase in focus in cybercrime training from the Financial Conduct Authority.
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New ebook explores client outreach challenges
By Cheri Burns | May 4th 2021 A new Encompass ebook explores the challenges surrounding client outreach.
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Digital Strategy for Scotland aims to position country as global leader in technology
By Cheri Burns | March 16th 2021 We reflect on the revised Digital Strategy for Scotland and what it means.
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UK FinTech review points to exciting possibilities, says Encompass’ Wayne Johnson
By Cheri Burns | March 3rd 2021 Our CEO and co-founder, Wayne Johnson, comments on The Kalifa Review of UK FinTech.
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Industry experts discuss the role of RegTech in successful CLM initiatives for new Encompass ebook
By Cheri Burns | February 17th 2021 Our ebook explores the CLM landscape, what makes a successful partnership, and the role of RegTech.
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How banks can benefit from automation post-COVID 19
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | October 14th 2020 Why RegTech is more important than ever, and key features that could bolster your business.
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