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Dynamic digital KYC profile records

Encompass automates the KYC search procedure to create complete digital KYC profiles in real-time, with zero human involvement. Providing deeper customer insight to conduct more effective KYC.

An organization’s KYC policy is executed consistently, every time. Standardizing KYC data sourcing, retrieval and collation to build a single view of the customer, globally.

What you get from Encompass’ digital KYC profiles

Each digital KYC profile includes the following:

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Company information and a visualization of corporate ownership structure, with beneficial owners, PEPs and sanctions clearly identified

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A full audit trail and record of actions taken for round the clock compliance

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Packaged documentary evidence and relevant metadata including source documents and full data attribute lineage

Key benefits of creating a digital KYC profile for each of your corporate customers

  • Current, complete and accurate data and documents, in one place
  • Provides a digital baseline for more efficient remediation and periodic or event-driven refresh
  • Ensures policy adherence and a consistent approach to performing KYC with easy-to-navigate information and history of KYC activity
  • Elevates analysts from KYC search tasks to high risk investigations
  • Available in existing systems including CRMs and CLMs via API integration and in multiple formats, including .pdf, .xls, and digital records

Dynamic KYC process automation

Watch our video on how the Encompass dynamic KYC process automation platform helps banks across the world automate manual KYC processes to build complete real-time digital KYC profiles of their customers.

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