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  • accelerate client onboarding, dramatically reducing unbillable hours and providing faster time to revenue
  • minimise risk and error with advanced KYC policy automation
  • visualise complex corporate structures, helping you rapidly identify ultimate beneficial owners
  • quickly recheck and update client information whenever you need
  • mitigate risk of reputational damage and fines with consistent policy fulfilment and a robust, effortlessly generated KYC audit trail

Access Encompass securely through our browser application or integrate into your existing system with our API, connecting your business to over 150 global data sources, including the leading credit, business and AML screening sources and official registries and regulators in over 200 jurisdiction across the globe.

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Key benefits of Encompass

AML/CTF automation

Whether onboarding one customer or one thousand, Encompass provides automated, rapid AML/CTF checks, so you can be guaranteed you are meeting the needs of internal policies.

seamless integration

Designed to work on any platform using any language, the Encompass API integrates KYC processes for AML and CTF regulatory compliance checks directly into your own onboarding workflow.

customer success

Alongside in-product live help, our dedicated Customer Success team are on hand from the very start to help you make the most of Encompass.

Why choose Encompass?

Accelerate and standardise customer onboarding

Eliminate hours searching, downloading, printing and reviewing information from multiple sources in a variety of formats.

Communicate complex situations visually

Speed up communications and understanding between your frontline staff, compliance officers and regulators.

Effectively capture the external information you need

Link information to existing systems to build a deep understanding of new customers while applying global AML/KYC standards.

Implement a scalable compliance operating model

Relieve front-line staff of AML/CTF information collection activities to focus on what they do best – building relationships with customers.

Maintain visibility from decisions back to data

Retain source documents and provide an auditable record of how information is discovered and used in your compliance process.

Transparent and auditable customer onboarding

With built-in compliance, all activity is automatically logged with a user identifier, and a date and time stamp to meet stringent audit controls.