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Want to see how Encompass can meet your organization’s specific needs? Our dynamic KYC process automation platform empowers our clients to streamline customer onboarding while ensuring compliance with the latest AML regulations.

Every business is different, therefore, to give you a platform demonstration that’s tailored to your requirements, we need to gather some information. Simply fill out the form to get the ball rolling.

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In three simple steps, you can get a complimentary consultation on how the Encompass platform can enhance your KYC processes and improve the customer onboarding experience.

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Provide us with your contact details and information about your business and its key challenges. An industry specialist will review the details and assess your needs.

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Once the information has been reviewed, an analyst will be assigned to arrange a no-obligation chat to discuss your KYC and AML compliance needs and challenges in further detail.

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Our analyst will then configure the Encompass platform to offer tangible insights and results on how our software can help your business and give you a tailored demonstration of its capabilities and key features.

In today’s uncertain environment, companies need access to the right data and software to provide full visibility of their business relationships and effectively manage risk. We’re delighted to be working with Encompass to help businesses gain an enhanced view of their customer relationships.

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Dun & Bradstreet

Financial institutions need to simplify the complexity of client onboarding while meeting growing regulatory requirements and mitigating risk. By partnering with Encompass, we enable banks to accelerate client onboarding and reduce time to revenue. We help our clients drive efficiency through the automation of due diligence data within the onboarding and KYC lifecycle.

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80% of the effort in onboarding is removed instantly… [We’ve seen] Lots of efficiencies across the process and all of that creates a more elegant and speedier customer process.

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