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Automated cross-border payments due diligence

When cross-border payments screening generates an alert on a sanctioned individual or entity, performing due diligence on payers and payees is key to avoid the risks surrounding non-compliance with sanctions regulations. Resolving an alert, and finding evidence to confirm the named parties in the payment message are not those named on the sanctions list, is complex when limited information is available, and often involves correspondent banks.

To comply with regulations, sanctions alerts must be investigated immediately and either reported, or payments released and processed. Holding payments whilst investigating false positives can lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue.

Automated cross-border payments due diligence is the solution. Encompass’ KYC automation is trusted by leading global banks to standardize and enhance the quality and efficiency of their due diligence processes.

Benefits of automating due diligence on sanctions alerts


Automate KYC due diligence on payers and payees

In a single platform, Encompass retrieves and integrates the most current data and documents available for you to visualise corporate structure and uncover beneficial ownership of payers and payees, fast.

Improve customer experience – process sanctions alerts and release payments faster

Encompass automates the KYC discovery process to provide the full picture of a payee or payer, speeding up risk assessment and payment processing.

Demonstrate compliance with sanctions regulations

We provide a comprehensive audit trail for regulators of all searches conducted within Encompass, complete with data attributes, source documents and a record of every action taken.

Why choose Encompass for cross-border payments due diligence?

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Reduce risks with cross-border payments due diligence automation

Encompass streamlines sanctions alerts investigations with automated data and document retrieval, direct from your chosen global public and premium data providers.

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Verify the identity of payers and payees

Encompass searches across critical sources of company data, from global corporate registries to premium data providers, to verify the payer and payee.

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Uncover ownership structure

Encompass exposes relationships and calculates shareholder ownership, with tools to easily visualise corporate structures. UBOs are identified and unwrapped automatically to quickly provide you with the full picture of a payee or payer.

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Dynamic creation of a full audit trail

Encompass provides a comprehensive audit trail of every action taken for demonstrable compliance with sanctions regulations.

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