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Why RegTech is more important than ever as businesses adjust to new ways of working
By Cheri Burns | Thu 2 April, 2020 We respond to a statement from FATF around the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Regtech 20:20 podcast considers the future of digital transformation
By Cheri Burns | Tue 31 March, 2020 We discuss digital transformation in banks and KYC automation on our latest podcast.
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Spotlight on sanctions
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | Wed 12 February, 2020 Understanding beneficial ownership to uncover hidden sanctions risk.
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Encompass survey gets to the heart of KYC onboarding challenges
By Cheri Burns | Thu 22 August, 2019 We take a quick look at findings from our recent survey of compliance professionals.
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Why are AML fines and penalties increasing? Deep dive into Encompass analysis
By Cheri Burns | Wed 26 June, 2019 We take an in-depth look at the outcomes of our recent AML analysis.
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How technology is the only answer for tackling financial crime
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | Sat 22 June, 2019 Our founders were invited to take part in the Business Reporter's Studio Debate series.
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Merchant service providers and getting the customer experience right in a competitive market
By Max Worrall | Wed 5 June, 2019 We discuss how technology can help the payments and merchant sector.
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The importance of a reliable AML audit trail in banking
By Ed Lloyd | Tue 30 April, 2019 Ed Lloyd outlines how automation can help the AML audit trail process for banks and FIs.
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6 steps to improve your KYC due diligence checklist
By Cheri Burns | Wed 10 April, 2019 We give our expert's top tips to improve your Know Your Customer due diligence checklist.
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3 key learns from Fraud and Financial Crime Europe 2019
By Financial Sales Team | Fri 5 April, 2019 Our Banking sales team give their three key learns from an informative conference.
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Meeting the challenge of CDD, controlling the cost of KYC at Aware State
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | Tue 20 November, 2018 Encompass would enabling Aware State to automate data discovery and analysis of global data sets.
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The full picture: automating UBO discovery for private equity firms
By Alex Street | Fri 2 November, 2018 The importance of fast, accurate data gathering for UBO in private equity.
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KYC remediation
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | Tue 7 August, 2018 An insider’s perspective and practical guidance into effective KYC remediation programmes.
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OFAC compliance – half a loaf?
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | Thu 14 June, 2018 Q&A with risk and sanctions specialist Eric A. Sohn.
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Enhanced due diligence through intelligent process automation at Acuris
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | Fri 20 April, 2018 Using Encompass, Acuris Risk Intelligence have been able to produce reports in much less time.
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Beyond the list: why bother?
By Eric A. Sohn | Thu 19 April, 2018 Risk and compliance expert, Eric A. Sohn, offers his insight in to recent changes within sanctions.
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Identifying and verifying corporate hierarchies and ultimate beneficial owners
By Chris J. Arthur-Collins | Tue 6 March, 2018 Compliance operations consultants Jon Wilson and Yasmeen Jaffer discuss Beneficial Ownership.
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Bank Leumi ABL selects Encompass
By Cheri Burns | Fri 2 March, 2018 Bank Leumi ABL selects Encompass to support and enhance their KYC processes.
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6 common problems with controlling risk of money laundering
By Ed Lloyd | Tue 19 December, 2017 Ed Lloyd gives his six key challenges banks face when controlling the risk of money laundering.

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