The information balance has shifted. Gone are are the days when the dynamic was a simple as a transactional advice. The best legal practices are repositioning from the last line of defence to trusted advisors.

Clients have access to more information than ever and that includes access to competitors. Expectations are constantly being elevated, which means to meet and exceed those expectations, the status quo needs to be constantly questioned.

When Brown Wright Stein Lawyers were approached at short notice by an insolvency client for advice on a matter, they knew a fast turn around would be expected.  The client was seeking advice regarding the liquidation of a medium-sized manufacturing company with numerous creditors. Brown Wright Stein needed to get up to speed, and fast – the matter came in on short notice and the meeting was in an hour.

Compiling information from traditional search sources would take far too long. Even with all the PPS Register data at hand, it would have still taken time to read through all the information and understand the connections between the client, the creditors and the assets. Without the facts at hand, the discussion would have dissolved into hypotheticals and future action items.

Using Encompass, Brown Wright Stein support staff were able to conduct searches of ASIC and the PPSR, email the workspace through to the partner and within minutes were able to have an informed discussion.

In this scenario, not only could the firm provide the client with timely advice, consider the implications of the simple act of impressing the client. The matter was dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.  Exceeding expectations meant, building trust, securing future business and increasing the value of advice.

Read the full case study here.

How are you exceeding expectations? Comment below!

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