In our ongoing series of articles highlighting valuable information provided by our partners, this month we highlight Dun & Bradstreet’s Credit Report.

Many professionals initiate their investigation and analysis of a business at Companies House because the register is a primary source of information.

However, a bigger picture emerges when records filed at Companies House are augmented with secondary sources, and introducing information from a Dun & Bradstreet Credit Report to a workspace can be invaluable to lenders and to restructuring professionals. For lenders, information supplied by D&B provides guidance on appropriate credit terms to offer a prospective client. For restructuring professionals, a D&B credit report offers a means of assessing a client and then tracking its journey of recovery.

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Risk evaluation

D&B creates a risk evaluation rating expressed as a two-part code, for example H 1 or 5A 2. The first component is a financial strength indicator, where ‘H’ means the company has a net worth in the range 0 – £15,000, and ‘5A’ indicates a net worth of £60 + million. The second component is a risk indicator, where ‘1’ denotes a minimal risk of corporate failure, and D&B recommend that lenders proceed with a loan transaction and offer terms required by their business model; and ‘2’ denotes low risk of failure, and recommends lenders should proceed with the transaction. A full explanation of the rating and range of values is available on the Dun & Bradstreet website.

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Using the power of their proprietary analytic algorithms, D&B compare the businesses with others in the UK to predict the likelihood of failure. For example, a business scored 89 out of one hundred for failure is predicted as having a low probability of failure – only 30 businesses out of 10,000 across the UK economy with similar characteristics as the company in question fail.

As a primary source, Companies House is invaluable. Enriching this with a D&B Credit Report is a proven means of understanding the full picture.

Predicting company delinquency

D&B use a similar approach to predict delinquency. By collecting information on the payment history of the company of interest and comparing this to the broader industry, D&B calculates a delinquency score for the company. By analysing all companies within a similar industry group – using the standard industrial classification of economic activities (SIC) codes maintained at Companies House and assigned to every registered company – D&B establish:

  • an upper quartile of the top 25 percent of companies which pays within payment terms;
  • a median quartile of the middle 50% of companies which pays 8 days beyond terms;
  • a lower quartile of the bottom 25% of companies which pays 20 days beyond terms.

For example, a company assigned a D&B delinquency score of 18 out of 100 is a warning to lenders, as it is a likely incidence of delinquency and of not paying within terms is 11.54 percent.

Analysts at D&B then assess all this information to make a recommendation of maximum credit, for example £18,000, to which lenders expose themselves at any time.

D&B’s Credit Report also collects public notices including County Court Judgments, mortgages and charges, and a legal filing summary. CCJs can be of particular interest to restructuring professionals as they nurse troubled companies through a period of recovery; prioritising funds for prompt and full payment ensures recovering companies maintain their reputation with creditors.

As a primary source, Companies House is invaluable to lenders and restructuring professionals. Enriching this with analysis and insights provided by a D&B credit report is a proven means of understanding the full picture.

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