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Santander | Encompass case study

digital transformation for know your customer

“The processing time in our KYC teams and financial crime teams had risen exponentially with the increase in regulation. If we hadn’t changed the process and implemented Encompass we would still be manually looking up lots of disparate parts of information in lots of separate portals.”

Equiniti | Encompass case study

EQ partners with Encompass to bolster KYC offering

“We consider ourselves experts in handling KYC cases that can’t be automated, in cases of complex ownership structures and screening hits for example. Our partnership with Encompass helps us in our wider market offering in delivering a truly comprehensive, efficient KYC product for our customers. “

IHS Markit | Encompass case study

Encompass and IHS Markit announce partnership

“Our partnership with Encompass will help us increase efficiency, speed of production, and further improve our high quality due diligence for our KYC services. Through technology, we are automating traditionally manual processes, improving data quality for our growing customer base and scaling up to support new jurisdictions. “

Murgitroyd | Encompass case study

MURGITROYD selects Encompass

“In the face of ever changing legislation and stricter requirements it has become increasingly important to be able to verify customers at the earliest opportunity. Encompass  helps us to stay ahead of regulatory demands.”

Dains | Encompass case study

Dains Business Recovery selects Encompass

Encompass allows us access to the full picture, offering a visual representation of our customers. We can now quickly and easily locate the information we need in order to fulfil our customer’s mandates.”

Fortis Insolvency | Encompass case study

Fortis Insolvency selects Encompass

“Evolving regulations, not least the new requirements of MLR 2017, are a challenge for many companies, a challenge that Encompass enables us to meet head on.”

Turpin Barker Armstrong | Encompass case study

embracing digitised search at Turpin Barker Armstrong with Encompass

“By using Encompass , professionals in our firm quickly get an early feel for the client’s financial situation… it’s simple and fast, and stores all the relevant information in a single place.”

Anderson Strathern | Encompass case study

enhancing and accelerating client onboarding

“The need for us to have a comprehensive knowledge of our customers when we onboard them is paramount. To that end, it was important that we brought in Encompass with access to global information providers in order that we can satisfy that need.”

Acuris Risk Intelligence | Encompass case study

enhanced due diligence through intelligent process automation

“Using Encompass, not only can data from multiple sources be accessed from one single integration, but can be done so automatically, providing each Acuris Risk Intelligence EDD Researcher with third party information in one place.”

Pega | Encompass case study

Encompass partners with Pega to streamline and enhance KYC

“By partnering with Encompass, we are enabling banks to further digitise client onboarding through smart data management, helping our clients drive efficiency through the automation of due diligence data within the client onboarding and KYC lifecycle.”

Bisnode | Encompass case study

Encompass and Bisnode partner to strengthen coverage in Nordics

“This partnership with Encompass is a natural fit for us, since the highest quality data is absolutely key to effective KYC. The integration of our data and analytics into Encompass’ best-of-breed automation platform will enable regulated firms in the region to establish KYC best practice within the growing regulatory framework.”

Leumi ABL | Encompass case study

Leumi ABL selects Encompass

“Previously our client KYC process used multiple web based data sources. Encompass makes this process considerably more efficient and allows our compliance team to focus on the output, rather than spending considerable time and effort on manual steps in the process.”

Avery Law | Encompass case study

Avery Law selects Encompass

Encompass help our lawyers to bring on new clients faster, and allows us to start addressing their needs in a more timely and efficient manner.”

French Duncan | Encompass case study

French Duncan selects Encompass to empower their business recovery team

“We very quickly realised the value of Encompass for French Duncan; the software helps the firm speed up due diligence such as conflict checking processes at the beginning of a matter.”

Brodies LLP | Encompass case study

building and operating digital governance risk and compliance

“With Encompass, the job of the KYC analysts is far easier, the richness and quality of our data is far better and more accessible, and the process of KYC is accelerated.”

First State Super | Encompass case study

meeting the challenge of customer due diligence, controlling the cost of know your customer

“By creating a regimen of digital processes and systems we have a strong foundation for growth… Encompass is very much part of our platform.”

Dun & Bradstreet | Encompass case study

Dun & Bradstreet partners with Encompass

“In today’s uncertain environment, companies need access to the right data and software to provide full visibility of their business relationships and effectively manage risk. We’re delighted to be working with Encompass to help businesses gain an enhanced view of their customer relationships.”

Ideal Corporate Solutions | Encompass case study

Ideal Corporate Solutions selects Encompass

“By automating the compliance process, our team has more time and resources to investigate complex cases, and we’re excited about the opportunities Encompass offers us.”

Gunnercooke | Encompass case study

delivering client value at Gunnercooke with Encompass

“Giving senior lawyers access to state of the art tools and information frees them to spend time on the case and with their clients… Using Encompass transforms any lawyer in to a power researcher.”

IPD | Encompass case study

IPD selects Encompass

“Working in insolvency means it’s critical that I have access to the full picture, fast. I’ve worked with Encompass for some time now, and I’m delighted to have access to Encompass ‘ range of data providers to help me and my business.”

Griffins Insolvency | Encompass case study

Griffins Insolvency selects Encompass

“Not only does Encompass significantly speed up the onboarding process, it frees up the valuable time of our compliance professionals and assists in developing a systemic risk governance approach to decision making”

Paris Smith | Encompass case study

business development in legal services at Paris Smith with Encompass

“I use Encompass to build a rich picture of our clients that creates opportunities for other practice areas in our firm or for service providers such as accountants with our trusted networks.”

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