Encompass partners


Introducers receive a percentage of sales revenue converted through their introduction. The type of commercial arrangement is negotiated based on activity, commitment and input of the introducer.

To begin a relationship with Encompass, the introducer should meet the following criteria:

  • have an existing client portfolio or verified client opportunities
  • be able to provide one or more qualified introductions
  • currently selling into Encompass markets (Banking, Financial Services, General Markets)
  • understanding of Encompass value proposition

Typical examples of introducers include consultancies, software/technology partners, SaaS platforms, data and information providers, and exchanges.


Distributors take the Encompass platform to market via their sales organisation, typically achieved via a co-branded white label Encompass user interface.

The distributor will be responsible for the bulk of activities required to prospect, onboard and manage clients: this will include any pre-sales, consultancy and customer/product support unless otherwise agreed with the partner.

Encompass and the distribution partner will share the revenues. The split will be negotiated as part of the commercial framework.

Preferred distributor markets include consultancies, technology partners, KYC and AML service providers, data and information providers, and exchanges and registries.


The Encompass platform services are integrable into external software and technology platforms. All or desired components of the Encompass solution can be integrated via a partners’ environment.

The partner is responsible for integrating the Encompass API with support from Encompass. Level of support to be determined based on engagement.

The objective of embedded partners is to reach new clients via partners portfolio and to service existing clients via their solutions combining both value propositions in one channel.

Preferred embedded partners are service providers (such as CRM, CLM, ERP, exchanges, etc.) currently selling in to Encompass markets (banking, financial services and general markets).

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