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KYC – Evolving from data to risk management

presented in partnership with RegTech Associates, iMeta and Evalueserve

Financial crime and effective Know Your Customer

What does ‘evolving from data management to risk management’ really mean, and why is it important within today’s landscape?

In the second installment of RegTech Associates’ Digital Regulation Series on financial crime, our VP, Distribution and Alliances, Nick Ford, joined financial crime prevention professional Samantha Sheen, Ben Marsh (CEO of iMeta) and Anna Slodka-Turner (Global Head of Risk and Compliance Practice, Financial Services of Evalueserve) to give their views on moving from data to risk management.

This 50 minute panel discussion focuses on:

  • how automation plays an important role
  • how different approaches are needed for different customers
  • the impact of COVID-19

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About Encompass

A full and accurate picture of beneficial ownership is the foundation of effective KYC.

Manually building this picture from a plethora of documents and third party data sources, however, is a long, expensive and error-prone process.

Encompass’ intelligent process automation conducts live document and data collection, analysis and integration from public and premium sources to bring transparency to complex corporate structures and ultimate beneficial ownership, delivering the most accurate and complete KYC on demand.

The full picture of a customer significantly enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of subsequent KYC activities including screening and IDV - both of which can be carried out seamlessly in the Encompass platform if required.

All information on a customer, along with supporting documents, is dynamically compiled into a comprehensive, digital KYC profile that Encompass can also monitor for ongoing regulatory risk.

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