Enhancing and accelerating client onboarding at Anderson Strathern

about Anderson Strathern LLP

Anderson Strathern are a leading Scottish solicitors with specialist advisers in every area, providing legal advice to businesses, individuals, families and the public sector. The firm has been providing pioneering and innovative legal services for over 250 years and now has offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and East Lothian.

Anderson Strathern requirements

Fee earners were heavily involved in the onboarding process and had to do a lot of discovery groundwork around corporate structures and ownership before they were in a position to engage in any business. The Risk and AML team also found it cumbersome to be able to meet their compliance obligations in an efficient way.

the Encompass solution

Anderson Strathern engaged Encompass to provide a more efficient way of onboarding clients. Having one platform with all of the information gathered during the corporate discovery stage and throughout further Customer Due Diligence (CDD) investigation has armed Anderson Strathern with the information they need to make the right decisions, faster.

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