by Andrew Starke, writing for Finsia

It was a story that had a bit of everything: fake CVs, pseudonyms, a con man and red-faced executives but Andrew Flanagan’s short stint as a top Myer executive may have a range of implications for lawyers and journalists.

Flanagan managed to convince both executive hiring company Quest Personnel and Myer that he had the retail industry credentials necessary for a senior position, backed up by a bogus resume and referees.

It now appears that the US citizen has bluffed his way into senior roles at other companies in the past using different names and a different CV.

Last week The Australian broke the news that the retail giant had sacked star recruit Flanagan on his first day after the web of lies unravelled.

Visualisation software company Encompass said it had enabled investigative journalists to map Flanagan’s deceit and uncover critical details.

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